7 Pictures Of Poove Poochoodava’s Shakthi That Prove She Is A Mama’s Girl

Every mother deserves the kind of love and affection that Reshma Reya shows for her mother.

July 14, 2019


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Of the two parents, a mother is always the closest to the children. It is she who keeps her needs aside and prioritises the needs of her children. Also, it is the values and morals that she imparts that leave a mark on the child. So, it is no surprise if someone were to cherish their moments with their mother more than anything else. Reshma Reya is one such person who admires her mother’s efforts. Reshma is famous for playing the character of Shakti on Poove Poochoodava that streams on ZEE5.

Watch how Shakti spreads the message of love and care in the show Poove Poochoodava.

The actress often takes to her Instagram to post memories with her mother. The pictures that she has been sharing are adorable. It shows how Reshma’s world revolves around her mother and how she cherishes the moments that they spend together. So, here are seven pictures of Reshma with her mother.

1. Time Changes but Love Does not!

Look at these pictures. It seems Reshma hasn’t changed a bit, she is just the same kid who used to cuddle with her mother.

2. Happiness is Being Together!

The happiness on Reshma’s face is enough to tell us about the joy she shares in these moments of togetherness.

3. Moments of Joy!

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Mumma and me eeeee 😁😜😍

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Every moment spent with your loved ones is one happy memory.

4. A Thought to Cherish!

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Momiee and meeee😍😍😍

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And memories of your loved ones are nothing but cherished possessions that you hold close to your heart.

5. The family Is Where The Heart Is!

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When you are so close to your family, you feel incomplete without them.

6. The Travel Companion!

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Bye bye chennai…here m cumng cochin.. Shoot#model#pic#air#movie#

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Travelling is always a special thing if you have that special travel partner with you.

7. A Kiss for the Lifetime!

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Haaa haaa :-*

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For love is the feeling that shifts from your mind to your lips, to be placed on that exact spot of your loved one!

Get inspired by this sweet relationship and tag along, as every mother deserves this kind of love and affection. Also, do not forget to share your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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