7 Fashion Mistakes That You Should Avoid – Inspired By The Fashionista Saumya Tandon

Many women seek inspiration from Saumya as she is blessed with a sixth sense of fashion.

Ashutosh Oak

April 3, 2019


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When you hear the name Saumya Tandon, fashion and style is something that comes to your mind immediately. No wonder that the actress has become a well-known name in the Indian TV industry. The actress plays the role of Anita Bhabi in the popular comedy show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain. Her personality is similar to that of Saumya in real life. For those who aren’t aware, Saumya not only does act in the show but she also designs the outfit for her character.

Watch her performance on Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain below:

The actress is active on social media and keeps her fans posted. Many women seek inspiration from the actress as she is blessed with a sixth sense of fashion. As we all know, fashion is something very critical when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit according to the location, event and surrounding. But worry not we will tell you these 8 fashion blunders that you should avoid while choosing your outfit.

  1. Revealing Too Much Skin: The best type of dressing is what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin but the problem with most of the women is that the mindset of exposing more skin often invites more trouble to their comfort. Rather than wearing a short skirt or a tight dress you can choose to wear a dress with a leg slit that will add more elegance to your dressing.
  2. Size Matters: Everybody wants to try something that they have been dreaming about but the problem here is different clothes look different in different sizes. To make it simpler, a person with a thinner body shape won’t be able to carry loose clothes as it will look odd. Similarly, if you ask a healthy person to wear body-hugging outfits it will be idd too. The idea is to choose the correct style for the right size.
  3. Trying Everything: Just like the above point, not every style will go with your shape until and unless its the ideal figure. The best way to deal with this situation is to filter your options in the first place so that you don’t need to regret later.
  4. Dress According to The Occasion: It is important to be aware of the occasion. You might choose the perfect outfit and club it with the perfect accessories but if the occasion is something else than you might end up the only one who is either overdressed or underdressed amongst the crowd.
  5. Not Considering Your Body Type: It is necessary to know yourself before you looking out for outfits. It’s easy, take a deep breath and understand your body shape in the first place. Understand your body tone, shape and other details. Once you know your body type you can flaunt literally everything confident to wear.
  6. Un-Tailor Fit: Sometimes you get a nice outfit but it is ill-fitting and that makes you upset. We suggest you buy clothes which can be easily tailored either at home(if you know it) or else search for a tailor who will give you the expected results. This one is the best thing you can do to customize your look and flaunt your body your way.
  7. Unwanted Accessories: Accessories are meant to add the oomph factor to your personality but when done wrong it ends up being too gaudy. The ideal thing to do here is limit yourself from adding accessories by picking on what is wanted and what is not.

Would you like to add more points to the list? Share with us in the comments below.

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