7 Cool Things Spies Do As Seen In London Confidential

London Confidential is the first feature film to be made entirely post-lockdown and it brings all the thrill expected from spy thrillers.

Kenneth Carneiro

September 21, 2020


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London Confidential the recently released spy thriller on ZEE5 stars Mouni Roy and Purab Kohli. The two are RAW Agents whose goal is to find their missing agent and track down the source who has proof that China is planning to release a new deadly virus inside India’s borders. This film is set in the city of London and has everything cool we love about spies on screen.

Watch the trailer for London Confidential here.

Here are five cool things about being a spy that we loved watching in London Confidential too.

1. Speak in code languages

In London Confidential, the first scene sees agents Uma (Mouni Roy) and Arjun (Purab Kohli) discussing the missing agent in code language. Standing in a crowded supermarket anyone overhearing them would just think they were talking about the stock of food in the market.

2. Work in secret facilities

Agent Uma officially works in the Indian Embassy. However, her unofficial office is a secret underground room behind a grocery supermarket packed with high-tech gear that will help them in any sort of mission.

Scene from London Confidential_1
Source ZEE5

3. Use modern gadgets

In the film, the detectives use modern gear to track the suspects who they think are a traitor betraying the country. They bug phones, hack into devices and CCTV cameras to track and follow their suspects. They also use some good olf-fashioned binoculars and cameras to observe and collect evidence.

4. Wear disguises

While stalking their suspects the spies have to try and avoid being noticed while keeping a close watch on their targets. In the film, they disguise themselves to look like students or look like someone who would not look out of place in a strip club to do their job.

Scene from London Confidential_2
Source: ZEE5

4. Save the world

There’s nothing cooler than having the feeling that you saved the day and the world at large. Many spies put their lives in the line of danger to fight a covert war. In London Confidential the stakes could not be higher because the agents are trying to stop another pandemic.

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