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67th National Film Awards: Prosenjit Chatterjee’s Jyeshthoputro is indeed laudable for its impactful screenplay

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

March 23, 2021

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Here’s why we think Jyeshthoputro is very well-deserving of the National Award for the Best Original Screenplay!

Directed by Kaushik Ganguly, Jyeshthoputro stars eminent actors Prosenjit Chatterjee as Indrajit, Ritwick Chakraborty as Partho, and Sudiptaa Chakraborty as Ila in lead roles. The notable 2019 film recently bagged the National Award for the Best Original Screenplay category. This was a very well-deserved accolade for the film, given its marvellous storyline and screenplay that the entire cast and crew executed with great distinction and unparalleled performances.

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The film, which revolves around the lives of two brothers, Indrajit and Partho, largely focuses on the introspections of the elder one, Indrajit. A rather successful superstar in the world of cinema, Indrajit visits his native home upon his father’s demise. This visit brings him several realisations regarding various aspects of his life and its roots, whether it is family or an old lover, as they gradually uncover themselves one at a time. The manner in which each and every little element of the story has been put together for all the encounters that Indrajit has during his visit is simply remarkable and undeniably impactful.

Indrajit and Partho in Jyeshthoputro
Source: ZEE5

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Further, the film presents itself with a set of extremely diverse characters despite being so closely bonded with each other. So whether it is Indrajit or Partho or Ila or any other character, each of them has its own distinct set of traits that are beautifully showcased in the film. However, this has been made possible largely due to the exceptionally well-written screenplay that gives each character just the right amount of time to open up in front of the camera. The screenplay has played a huge role in prominently highlighting the individuality of each character while joining the dots between all of them as a whole.

Indrajit and Partho in Jyeshthoputro
Source: ZEE5

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The film Jyeshthoputro also sheds light on several derivations about life such as togetherness, sacrifice, understanding, responsibilities and more. While Partho stayed back at their native home and constantly took all of his sister’s responsibilities, Indrajit faced the world of cinema boldly. Both, in their own ways, had a lot to let go of in order to lead the lives that they do. While Indrajit and Partho might not have the best understanding of the other’s sacrifices, the narrative of the screenplay beautifully outlines how it does not take away from either of theirs.

Indrajit, Partho and his wife in Jyeshthoputro
Source: ZEE5

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Ila who comes with her own troubles faces a lot of suffocation in life. With no understanding of the need of being locked up in a room, she often takes out her frustrations on the people around her. But with Indrajit’s brief return, she finds solace in his support, presence, and caring nature.

Ila and Indrajit in Jyeshthoputro
Source: ZEE5

On the other hand, Indrajit finds himself in the middle of stardom at all times, being unable to have any moment of calm or privacy even in his hometown while mourning his father’s death. Jyeshthoputro is a poignant film that ties together numerous elements of individuality, morals, lifestyle, sacrifices, family, profession, and much more. And we surely believe that it truly deserves the National Award for the Best Original Screenplay.

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