6 Villains From AndTV Shows Who Are Pure EVIL!

Ashutosh Oak

June 11, 2019


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1. Daayan

And TV has a variety of shows and these include genres like Mythology, Drama, Comedy, Horror etc. But one thing that is common across all the shows are the villains. As it is said, a hero might be the lead of the story but he has no importance unless there is a villain. With this thought in mind, we have created a list of top 6 villains who have made us love hating their characters.

The first character on the list is the one who has not only made us hate her but gave us goosebumps too. We are talking about the titular character of Daayan who has become the talk of the town now. Though the true identity of the Daayan is still a secret, the curiosity to know her backstory and true identity is increasing day by day. The character is such that she does not forgive anyone who comes in her way from reaching her goal and this is what makes us hate her more.

2. Devina

Devina from the popular show Meri Hanikarak Biwi is known to be insecure about her property as she feels that she has to share it with Pushpa and her son Akhilesh. Time again she has been trying to get rid of this mother-son duo but was unsuccessful. With her cunning and deceitful nature, she can easily manipulate others and get her work done. She was the one who introduced her accomplice Kunika in Akhilesh’s life so that he doesn’t go back to Ira again.

3. Kunika

As we mentioned in the above point, Kunika was introduced by Devina but the reason why this character is included in our list is that Kunika also has an evil mind behind that beautiful face. She was about to get married to Akhilesh but luckily Ira revealed her secrets. Despite failing to marry Akhilesh, she continues to plot against him with the help of Devina. The heights of Kunika’s cruelty were seen when she tortured the little Mishri to keep her out of her way. According to the current situation, Ira and Mishri have met with an accident and this was also one of Kunika’s plans.

4. Kans

The most feared villain in Hindu mythology is Kans. He is known to be the cruelest person as he self-proclaimed himself as God and challenged Lord Vishnu. The character of the show Paramavatar Shri Krishna is Manish Wadhwa and seems to fit the bill perfectly because his appearance, voice texture and dressing style are enough to make a long-lasting impression on the audience. Speaking about ill intentions, he has killed many innocent lives to spread his terror and force the people to stop believing in Lord Vishnu and accept him as their god. He killed seven newborns just to fail the prophecy.

5. Katrina

The alien who came on a mission to find and kill the aliens on the show Shaadi Ke Siyape is also included on our list. Recently on the show, we saw how Katrina is an intelligent and smart villain who creates problems in every single wedding that has been planned by the aliens. Her goal is to get the aliens out of the wedding hall as her powers do not work in the radius.

6. Nilambari Thakur

The popular actress Deepshika Nagpal known for her negative roles, essays the character of  Nilambari Thakur on the popular show Main Bhi Ardhangini. Speaking about the character of Nilambari, she is the mother of Madhav who is a widower and in order to get his property, she tries to get her son married to her accomplice Shweta. The interesting part of the story is Madhav’s first wife has returned as a spirit to save Madhav from his mother. Now we see there is a battle between Nilambari and the spirit but Nilambari despite being a human has managed to control the spirit using Tantra-Mantra. Despite being a normal human the ability to do such things is what really amazes us.

Which of the above character do you feel is the most cunning, negative and cruel amongst all? Let us know in the comments section below.

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