6 Undeniably Cute Scenes Of Vijay Deverakonda And Rashmika Mandanna In Geetha Govindam

Sneha Bale

May 16, 2019


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1. The imagination

The handsome Vijay Deverakonda and the gorgeous Rashmika Mandanna have glammed up the 2018 superhit romantic drama Geetha Govindam. For most of the film, Vijay and Geetha may be fighting, but the sparks between them are constantly present. We list the top six scenes that are undeniably cute.

At the beginning, we find that Vijay is an old soul and a die-hard romantic. He might be single and looking for romance, but he seems to be living his best life with a perfect and loving wife in his dreams. The song Vachindamma sung by Sid Sriram justifies his emotions so well that you can’t help but smile.

2. The defence

Vijay had only dreamed of a girl who can make his life complete. One day he saw her, too. There she was, at the temple relishing her prasadam. Vijay cannot stop gushing about her beauty and elegance. His friends try to tell him that she has been eating packet after packet of the prasadam like there’s no tomorrow. Despite this comment, Vijay defends her and tells his friends to look beyond the physical traits and continues to be lost in her beauty.

3. The smile

During the first official encounter between Geetha and Vijay, our hero is nervous and unable to strike up a conversation. But that’s not for long. Soon, Geetha asks Vijay to escort her to the washroom since she feels unsafe with drunk men standing around. Vijay blissfully agrees. Over a phone call, Vijay’s friend Ramakrishna tells him that if she smiles instead of thanking him after coming out, she is definitely in love with him. Turns out, he is right. But only about one thing. Which one? Watch the film to know.

4. The anger

No spoiler alert! Geetha and Vijay come to know that they are soon-to-be relatives. They are given the responsibility of shopping for the wedding of Vijay’s sister and Geetha’s brother. After a series of fights, there is no way that Geetha will talk straight to Vijay. So when Vijay fails to start his bike, Geetha commands him to tow it while she sits on the bike. The smile on Vijay’s face at the time is what happiness looks like.

5. The little joys

Much later, as Chinamyi Sripaada’s Yenti Yenti sets the mood, Geetha accepts her feelings for the man who has been in love with her since day one. The picturisation of this song shows the girl going gaga over the guy, unlike every other song. Throughout the song, you will find yourself rooting for Geetha as you experience immense joy for Vijay.

6. The perfect ending

The most anti-climatic move was Vijay’s when he falls on the feet of Geetha’s brother, begging to marry her. Agreed. Throughout the film, Geetha has been a boss lady. So this scene marks a perfect end and we’re sure it couldn’t get better. As he tells her, “Madam! Please, madam. Meeku kuda yedo responsibilities untayi kada. Please, madam!” (Please madam, you also have some responsibilities towards this relationship). And that’s when the boss lady, reeling in his nuisance, lets out a smile and tells her brother to accept it.

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