6 Truths In The Siddharth-Starrer Bommarillu Climax That Are Totally Relatable

Sneha Bale

July 9, 2019


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1. Feeling lonely in crowded places

Bommarillu featuring Siddharth, Genelia Deshmukh, Jayasudha and Prakash Raj is a film that has stayed with its audiences over the years. A romantic comedy mixed with some family drama, this Telugu movie has dialogues that we still remember. But it’s the lesser talked about climax that really makes Bommarillu special.

When Genelia Deshmukh’s character Hasini decides to leave the family and Siddu (played by Siddharth), she tells them that she had been lonely in the house all along. Her reason for not wanting to stay with the family that Siddu so proudly spoke about was that she didn’t want to pretend to be happy. Haven’t we all been in similar situations?

2. The good life dichotomy

During a heated argument, Siddu mentions how he hasn’t been happy all these years because he tried to keep his father happy. And his father, Aravind, says no business deals made him as happy as being with the family and giving them what the wanted. Relatable much?

3. The other side of truth

There’s always more to what meets the eye. Siddu mentions that his father believed in giving them what they needed, sometimes it was more than what they needed. He tells his father that there may have been joy in giving the family what they needed. But there was always sadness in Siddu for not getting what he wanted.

4. The living hell

In order to make sure things were going smoothly as decided by his father, Siddu did things against his will that made his life to be a living hell. As an escape route, making a career move or wanting to marry the girl he loves were the only two things that he ever wanted to do for himself.

5. The other personality

Tired with the conversation, Siddu’s mother drops the bomb that people outside the house aren’t what they are at home. She says they drink, bunk lectures, roam and even abuse people.

6. Understanding and compatibility

During the climax scene, Siddu tells his father that there have been times when he couldn’t understand what he was doing or why, neither could his mother comprehend his behaviour. He argues, if his mother can’t, how can anyone else ever understand him. We have all been in such situations, haven’t we?

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