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6 tips you can take from Zindagi shows on ZEE5 like Mi Raqsam on how to convince your family to approve your life partner

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May 27, 2021

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Here are a few different ways that your favourite Zindagi TV show couples sought the approvals of their parents for their love. Watch them on ZEE5.

There have been various instances where people have fallen in love with someone who their respective families have not approved of. While as adults, individuals can choose their life partners themselves, we also want our families to like the person we adore so much. Some of your favourite onscreen couples of popular Zindagi TV shows which you can now watch on ZEE5, such as Meri Jaan Hai Tu’s Haniya and Ibad, have faced similar circumstances and overcome them! Here are six different ways that these couples pursued the approvals of their parents regarding their choice of life partners.

1. Mi Raqsam

The union of two lovers is often disrupted by the prevailing hypocrisy in our society. By the time Mi Raqsam’s Zeeshan and Sadia realise their love for each other, the latter gets married off to an old Maulana. However, this separation of the two lovers does not let Zeeshan give up. Instead, he heads to the maulana’s institute seeking shelter and stays there in order to win her back. Going to any possible lengths to prove to your families that your love is real, just as Zeeshan did, can often work out in your favour!

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2. Meri Jaan Hai Tu

Meri Jaan Hai Tu’s lovers Haniya and Ibad face immense opposition from the latter’s father, Uzair, regarding their relationship. After Ibad is disowned by Uzair and kicked out of the family for marrying Haniya, he calls her from the airport to share his devastation about it. A supportive lover, Haniya promises him to arrive in Pakistan to seek his family’s approval and forgiveness for getting married against their wishes. If you have such a supportive partner or are one, we believe you both could also win your parents over with joined efforts!

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3. Diyar-E-Dil

At times, being confident of your choice, standing by it and making things work, proves to be useful in convincing your family of your choice. Diyar E Dil’s Behroze chose to marry his love Ruhi, which resulted in his father banishing them from the family. Years later, Behroze and Ruhi reunited with his family, which was his younger brother Suhaib’s dying wish. They never lost hope and showed how strong their marriage was, and that’s another way to go about it!

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4. Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar

Despite the opposition of his family, young Umer and Maham of Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar get married. Umer’s elder brother helps them with this as he persuades his family to give the wedding their consent. It’s much easier to push the idea of your reunion with your lover to your family when you have a member of your family on your side of the team to help.

5. Badi Aapa

Badi Aapa’s Sharmeen has another smart trick up her sleeves that you could always use to convince your parents. We all know of someone or the other that our parents always listen to and value the opinion of. In love with Essa, a candidate her mother Zubeida does not approve of, Sharmeen decides to speak to her uncle Ghazanfar. Since Ghazanfar and Zubeida liked each other during their youth, Sharmeen believes he would be the best person to help convince her mother to approve of her relationship with her lover Essa.

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6. Tum Kon Piya

Tum Kon Piya‘s Ramish’s parents go around his back to break off the proposal of his marriage to Elma, which he gets to know of. While Elma is married off to someone else, Ramish remains single and in touch with her. He does not succumb to the twisted intentions of his family but eventually marries Elma’s younger sister Neha only to care for them and Elma’s son Afnan. He proves to everyone the true love he held for Elma, with his unbroken determination and care for her through every high and low.

Source: ZEE5

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