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6 Times Salman Khan Shredded His Shirt Hinting At A Power-Packed Climax Sequence!

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June 8, 2021

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Salman Khan’s shirtless avatars have emerged as his trademark style. And fans eagerly wait for that ‘Bhai’ moment before the explosive climax sequence begins.

Intense drama and explosive sequences make for an intriguing climax in action-oriented films. The ending resolution can either make or break the film. Thus it should be riveting enough to pique viewers’ interest. And over the years, Salman Khan has been treating the audience with some promising climax scenes in his action flicks. However, the actor has had an interesting add-on to them. Yes! The trademark shirtless combats and fans do love that notion in every climax sequence.

Watch the trailer of Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai here:

Considering his fans’ love, Salman has almost made his ‘shirtless avatars’ a trademark style in all his films. From breaking the fourth wall to unexpectedly interact with the fans to his funky hook steps, Salman Khan has built up his own set of trademarks that fans love. Among which, the shirtless avatars have become very regular and every Salman Khan film seems to be incomplete without it. And fans eagerly wait for that ‘Bhai’ moment.

So, here’s taking a look at 6 times when Salman Khan shredded his shirt hinting at a power-packed climax sequence.


A still from Dabangg

The classic fight sequence in Dabangg will always stand as an authentically crafted one. Hand-to-hand combat between Chulbul Pandey and Chhedi Singh seems very real and makes up for a great climax scene. After finding his loved ones in trouble, Chulbul gets out of his cop role to fight against Cheddi without any bounds. Getting out of his police uniforms, he unveils his bold side as a family man and takes over Cheddi and his goons.

This power-packed climax scene still remains to be an iconic one ever crafted in cop dramas.


A still from Ready

The climax scene of Ready is entertaining as well as quite explosive. Finally, after much chaos, Prem is getting married to the love of his life Sanjana. Amid this, all his secret ploys come to light and the clash between the Kapoor and Chowdhury family begins. After completing his pheras, Prem gets into his action avatar to fight against the goons.

Shredding off his suit, Salman delivers his dialogues in style whilst hinting at the dynamic fight sequence that lays ahead.


A still from Wanted

Wanted is one of the very first few films where Salman Khan’s shirtless saga in action-filled sequences began. In Wanted, the climax not only has a well-crafted action sequence but also intrigues the viewers with an unexpected twist. After finding out about his father’s death, Salman’s Radhe aka Rajveer Shekhawat unveils his undercover cop identity. He sets out to gun down the villain Gani Bhai.

This leads to another interesting climax scene where Salman’s trademark scene garnered a seeti-maar response from the fans.

Jai Ho

A still from Jai Ho

Salman Khan’s Jai Ho essayed the fight between the common man and the corrupt system. Jai, an ex-army man realizes that apart from the cross-border enemies, there are many white-collar criminals who are razing the nation from within. To overcome this, he comes up with an initiative that leads him to cross paths with an influential politician. Thus the fight begins. After several personal attacks, things get out of control at the climax.

Jai decides to take over the wronged ones solely. The climax scene in Jai Ho is another epic one where our hero goes shirtless and is seen fighting the goons all alone. 

Dabangg 3

A still from Dabangg 3

In Dabangg 3 Chulbul confronts one of his most powerful enemies Balli Singh. Unlike other villains, Balli has his own set of principles to deal with people coming in his way. His interference turns Chulbul’s life upside down. However, our macho cop never gives up! And thus he plans to end Balli’s chapter once and for all. The explosive climax sequence in Dabangg 3 sees Salman Khan in his most rigorous shirtless avatar. 

Both Chulbul and Balli shred their shirts and get into engaging combat.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

A still from Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’s climax might not be a high-pitched action sequence but we see our protagonist at his best. In the climax, Vijay (Salman Khan) confronts his lookalike Prem for the first time. However, problems arise when Vijay’s enemies come together to gun them down. Vijay, skilled in sword fighting, takes each one of them down. Although in this sequence, we don’t see Salman flaunting his chiseled body, his vest-clad look resembles his athletic persona.


A still from Radhe

As a bonus in the list, Salman’s shirtless avatar in Radhe is another one to look out for. Well, this one did not hint at any action-filled sequence. On the contrary, this scene in Radhe had a comical twist where Dia (Disha Patani) is guiding Radhe (Salman Khan) to make some cool poses in front of the camera. Salman and Disha’s chemistry makes the scene more entertaining.

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