7 Scenes Of Allu Sirish And Bharath In ABCD That Depict Modern Day Camaraderie

Sneha Bale

June 28, 2019


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1. Celebrating little things together

ABCD — American Born Confused Desi stars Allu Sirish and Bharath as the lead characters. The film deals with Avi and Bashaa’s journey — from exploiting their riches to living in poverty. Despite the good and the bad in their lives, the two young boys stick with each other. We list a few things from Avi and Basha’s modern-day friendship that will remind you of your BFF.

Avi and Basha are young adults who want to live their lives to the fullest. They really do not need a reason or an excuse to celebrate. All they need is some free time and each other’s company. That’s a real celebration.

2. Communication without conversation

At one point in the film, Avi tries to impress a girl but she ignores him. When the situations bring her closer to him, Avi wants Basha to fake a story that will finally impress her. And without saying anything, Basha understands and does exactly what is needed.

3. Staying together through thick and thin

They are sent away from America to cope with and adjust to the Indian lifestyle. There, the situations keep getting worse but they stay close to each other. In fact, they become the only family and home to each other.

4. Sharing everything with each other

Just after a few days in the Indian soil, Avi and Basha run out of money and are unable to fend a meal for themselves. Even at such times, they decide to share what they have. From sharing gossips and games, they share rooms, meals and lives.

5. Partners-in-crime

In the middle of all this young rage and aggression, Avi picks up a fight unnecessarily with a man in the club. He is taken to the police station. Basha had the chance to escape and run away. But he stands by his side and becomes his only support.

6. Giving reality checks when not asked

Basha may come across as the ideal sidekick. But not really! He supports Avi in all his ventures and stupidity. But when the time comes, Basha is the first one to give him a reality check and bring him back on track.

7. Always being proud of each other

Sometimes Basha finds the easier way out. Avi disagrees with him and vice versa. Yet they support and respect each other’s decisions. More importantly, in the end, they are proud of each other.

Share this with your BFF and celebrate your camaraderie. Take a step ahead and watch Oh My Friend on ZEE5 together.

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