6 Scenes In Geetha Govindam Featuring Rashmika Mandanna That Bowled Us Over

Sneha Bale

May 17, 2019


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1. Meet Appallamma

We believe, the last romantic drama that moved us was the 2018 hit film Geetha Govindam. Starring Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna, the film managed to strike a chord with the millennials. Of course, looking at fresh faces and a fresh story, we’re impressed with both Vijay and Rashmika. We list down six scenes in which Rashmika impressed us entirely as Geetha.

Rashmika’s entry scene as Geetha does not involve a vertical pan shot of her physique, a common phenomenon in films. In fact, we see her in the temple as she hogs on the prasadam. Later, a stranger, Vijay, tries to start a conversation with her and asks her name. She responds with “Appallamma!” She shuts him down with one word and a deathly glare.

2. Role reversal

Vijay tries to mend his relationship with Geetha by apologising for his mistake and also for saving his dignity in front of the family. Geetha asks him to consider this as a debt and tells him to stay away from women and girls. She warns him that if she sees him lurking around women once again she will throw acid on his face. Though she wouldn’t do it or doesn’t mean it either.

3. Boss lady

Geetha creates an environment where nobody would dare to cross her path. Vijay wouldn’t dare either. He could be busy teaching his students, but one look by Geetha and he will pack his bags and follow her. We love it, don’t you?

4. Sarcasm on fleek

Most of the film consists of Vijay trying to befriend Geetha and all of his attempts going in vain. Not only does Geetha scare and threaten him, but she also uses her sarcasm to make sure Vijay knows his place.

5. Accepting rejection with a smile

By the end of the film, Geetha informs Vijay that she knows about his feelings for her and she feels the same. Adding to this, she also takes him by surprise when she tells him that their families are ready for their wedding. In a very confused state, Vijay rejects the proposal. Instead of the stereotypical crying, Geetha responds with a simple smile and leaves.

6. Saving grace

Geetha doesn’t need to be scared of anyone or anything when asking for what she wants. She has the power and the means. But that doesn’t stop her from being sensible and responsible. It would take one “yes” from Geetha and Vijay would suffer for his mistake. But she saves him, every single time.

We love her, don’t you? For another boss lady in action, watch Nakshatram on ZEE5.

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