6 Scenes From Sairat That Show Archi And Parshya’s Adorable Chemistry

Rukmini Chopra

January 19, 2020


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1. Archi and Parshya come face to face

This scene in Sairat is the beginning of Archi and Parshya’s epic love story. Parshya (played by Akash Thosar) is dreaming about Archi (Rinku Rajguru) and in a jolt of happiness, dives into a well. He swims up to see his dream woman standing near the wall, looking at him!

Watch the film here to get some couple goals.

Archi asks Parshya to leave and the latter obliges but not without a long, hard look at her. It’s amazing how a mere stare can say so much, eh?

2. Parshya impresses Acrhi with his moves

Before getting involved with one another. Archi and Parshya continue to flirt by giving each other loving looks in the film. Here, Parschya shows his moves in sensational song Zingaat and keeps looking at Archi for approval. Well, her expressions say it all and she seems more than impressed with her lover boy. Watch the fun, energetic song here.

3. Archi and Parshya say the three magical words

And finally, Archi and Parshya declare their love for one another! Archi makes the first move and says ‘I love you,’ to Parshya since he’s acting shy and doesn’t know how to express his love. Aww.

4. Archi and Parshya realise they can't live without each other

Being in love is one thing but a relationship reaches a new level when you realise you can’t live without your partner. Archi and Parshya reach this stage when they have a fight and she heads back home to her parents only to realise that her life now is all about Parshya. She returns and they solve their fight with a warm hug. We are not crying, you are!

5. Archi and Parshya take the plunge

The lovebirds enter a new phase in their life when they get married, in a simple court ceremony. Find someone who looks at you the way they look at each other here!

6. Parshya consoles Archi

Archi is troubled and missing her family. She cries and Parshya being the gentleman he is, provides her his shoulder and consoles her. Men, are you seeing this?

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