6 Scenes From Mr. Majnu Featuring Vidyullekha That Will Make You Want A BFF Like Her

Sneha Bale

August 9, 2019


1 min

1. Always by your side

Actor-comedian Vidyullekha Raman plays the role of Linda, the best friend to Nidhhi Agerwal (Nikki) in Akhil Akkineni’s Mr. Majnu. Linda as Nikki’s BFF was the one who stole the scenes that she was in. When we look at her, we wonder if we can find someone like that for ourselves, too. And here’s why we do.

No matter what the situation is, Linda is always beside Nikki. The idea of having someone by your side is one of the most encouraging emotions. And our BFF is the best thing that can happen to us.

2. Equally engaged in everything

From random gossips to Disney films, Nikky has Linda to share everything with. And we all know, that’s what we would rather do than most other things.

3. Helping you get through the tough battles

When Nikki’s life crumbles down into pieces, she decides to leave everything and stay in denial. But Linda makes it a point to make sure they battle the situation and win.

4. Standing up for you

And yet, when Nikki remains quiet instead of fighting back for herself, Linda does it for Nikki — without any conditions or expectations.

5. Choosing to share your battles

Nikki never asked Linda to help her or fight for her. Nikki, clearly, would have been happier just with Linda by her side and ignoring the bad things in her life. But Linda chose to share Nikki’s battles.

6. Still a whole person

More often than not, films tend to create best friends as ‘just another character’. But Linda is a whole person even while being Nikki’s Best friend. That’s what makes her special.

Next time, maybe we can try to be a Linda to one of our Nikkis instead of searching for one. You can join Linda a.k.a. Vidyullekha’s journey on ZEE5 in ZEE Heroes.

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