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6 Reasons Why You Need To Watch The Thriller Drama Devmanus Starring Kiran Gaikwad

Kedar Koli

August 31, 2020

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Devmanus is all set to replace Ratris Khel Chale 2 on Zee Marathi starting from August 31. Here’s why you just can’t miss this thriller drama.

The occult occurrences in Ratris Khel Chale 2 have culminated in a final showdown at the spooky old Naik Wada. The horror drama has wrapped up with a much-needed closure to the story of Anna and Shevanta. But if you’re thinking that this will be the end of your exciting experience, think again! Zee Marathi is all set to unveil a new show Devmanus that will replace RKC2 in the same time slot. With Kiran Gaikwad cast in the lead role of Dr Devi Singh, the show is going on air today. If you’re wondering what’s so special about this show, allow us to answer! Here are six reasons why you should consider watching the show on Zee Marathi.

Ready to get thrilled? Watch the promo of this new show here.

1. Intriguing story

Devmanus is the tale of a doctor who’s considered god-like by the villagers. But who could have thought that he’s actually a serial killer on the loose? Dr Devi turns out to be a devil in disguise but it gets too late before everyone realises it. It would be fascinating to see what the two-faced doctor has on his mind.

2. Based on a real-life incident

Yes, you read that part right! The show is inspired by a real-life incident which makes it all the more horrifying. We can expect bits and pieces from the true story to be incorporated in the show. Probably the reason why you shouldn’t miss watching it!

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3. An unsolved murder mystery

In the recently released promos, the doctor is shown to be on a killing spree of married women whom he’s having an affair with. However, it isn’t revealed what drives him into killing them. It’s an interesting murder mystery that’s waiting to be solved. So you better put on your thinking caps on and see if you can solve this case!

4. Kiran Gaikwad in a negative role

Kiran was recently seen in the show Total Hublak. However, he’s better known to us for playing the villain Bhaiyyasaheb in Lagira Zhala Jee. The actor rose to prominence with Bhaiyyasaheb and became an irreplaceable part of the show. Kiran will now be seen portraying a negative shade in Devmanus again after his stint in Lagira Zhala Jee.

5. Will leave you with questions

It’s uncommon for a TV show to leave the audience full of questions and Devmanus does just that. What sinister intentions does the doctor have? What is he planning to do? Why has he become a serial killer? These are some of the many questions that need answers. Watching the show might help in discovering those answers!

6. Sheds light on the prevalent malpractices

The doctor shown in the show is a fraudster who scams people. No one even has the slightest hint about his illegitimate practices as he hides under the veil of goodness. Just like Dr Devi, there are several others who can trick us easily.  The show aims at making everyone aware of such malpractices in the society.

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Devmanus goes on air starting from 31st August, every Monday to Saturday at 10.30 pm. You can also watch the premiere episodes of the show before TV exclusively on ZEE5 with the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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