6 Reasons To Binge-Watch Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain And Akbar Birbal #JustForLaughs

Jessica David

June 28, 2020


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1. Angoori-Manmohan Tiwari's quirky relationship

Laughter is the best medicine to kill boredom and guess what? It’s for free! To ensure your entertainment at the time of lockdown, ZEE5 has two hilarious comedy shows that will have you in stitches. Get ready to have a tummy ache by binge-watching &TV’s most popular sitcom, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain. Adding to your laughter therapy, we bring you Akbar Birbal, a show that will have your cheeks hurting. Here’s why you should watch these stories on loop.

But first, watch the latest episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain here:

1. Angoori-Manmohan Tiwari’s quirky relationship

Actors Shubhangi Atre Poorey and Rohitashv Gour portray the role of Angoori and Manmohan Tiwari. The couple would win the title of ‘world’s funniest couple’ hands down. Their quirky relationship comes through when Angoori speaks broken English. Tiwari corrects her saying, “Woh nahi hota pagli”, and Angoori responds with, “Sahi pakde hain”.

2. Akbar-Birbal's hilarious problem-solving

Living up to the show’s tagline, “Har mushkil ka hal, Akbar Birbal”, both of them come up with the most bizarre solutions in the world. Akbar, played by Kiku Sharda, wants to address his subjects and family members’ problems. He asks Birbal, portrayed by Vishal Kotian, for remedies. Being the most intelligent minister out of the nine jewels (navratna) in Akbar’s court, Birbal advises him.

3. Anita-Vibuti Mishra's funny fights

By quarrelling is how Anita and Vibuti Narayan Mishra pass their time. The couple is essayed by Saumya Tandon and Aasif Sheikh respectively. She keeps picking a fight with him over his unemployment and vagabonding. Vibhuti is often called “nalla”, meaning useless or waste. He addresses Anita as “darling” time and again, to make her quit arguing.

4. Rani Saheb's comic timing

If you want to laugh for no reason at all, Rani Saheba is your go-to person. She is portrayed by actress and comedian Delnaaz Irani. She loves to eat and gobbles up all the royal delicacies laid on the table for Akbar. She is also known as Mariam-uz-Zamani, of the Mughal kingdom. Often, Birbal saves Akbar from losing face in front of Rani Saheba.

5. Vibhuti Mishra-Manmohan Tiwari's flirting

Not missing even a single chance, Vibhuti and Manmohan flirt with each other’s wife constantly. One day, you will see Anita bhabi receiving flowers from Tiwari ji. And the other day, Vibhuti ji will be reciting Urdu poetry (shayari) to Angoori bhabi. Extremely competitive with one another, they try to win the ladies’ hearts, but of their neighbour’s wife, not their own.

6. Urvashi's innocent love

Kishwer Merchant plays the role of Urvashi in the mythos-comedy series. She has a crush on Birbal who is very witty and intelligent. One day, she expresses her love for him and confesses her feelings to him. Birbal is taken aback but Urvashi hugs and cajoles him in the funniest way possible. How do Akbar and Rani Saheba react to their relationship?

Watch the first episode of Akbar Birbal here:

To find out more, watch all the episodes of Akbar Birbal, a funny take on royalty, streaming on ZEE5.

Don’t forget to watch all the episodes of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain, every day, streaming only on &TV.

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