Music Review: 6 Prem Baraha Songs That Pack A Punch

Parinika Uchil

January 11, 2020


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Prema Baraha

Source: ZEE5

Directed by the lead actress’s father Arjun Sarja, Prema Baraha has some amazing songs you should listen to right away! Starring in the lead roles is Chandan Kumar as Sanjay and Aishwarya Arjun as Madhu.

Starting with the title track Prema Baraha, shot in Switzerland. During an interview with a leading daily, Chandan mentioned his experience in recreating the same song of Arjun Sarja once more. “This is actually a re-created version of the evergreen song Prema Baraha from Prathap (starring Arjun and Sudharani). Jassie Gift has beautifully done a contemporary version of the same and it was an exhilarating experience to shoot in Switzerland. Given that it was my first time to the country, I soaked in and enjoyed all the views. It was breathtaking and we have got some beautiful frames for the song. Chinni Prakash choreographed the dance sequences,” said Chandan. Watch out for his ‘SRK Pose’ in this song!

Manase Manase

Source: ZEE5

A movie dedicated to the wars that are fought in Kargil, Prema Baraha, has all the emotions packed with some good talent! In the song Manase Manase, Sanjay and Madhu go through the revelation that they actually love each other. It is probably the best song in the film, because of how soulful it is.

Paan Banaras

Source: ZEE5

The party number of this movie is this half Hindi-half Kannada song Paan Banaras. In this song, you will see Aishwarya a little dizzy after drinking bhaang by mistake. But the peppy beats in the song will get you dancing for sure!

Rama Rama

Source: ZEE5

Just as Sanjay and Madhu start working together for a play, the dream sequence of Rama Rama begins. While the song is upbeat, you will mostly see both of these characters quarrelling during the song.

Jai Hanumantha

Source: ZEE5

A standalone song this, Jai Hanumantha has no particular connection with the movie except when Aishwarya dances with them, but the performance of the three Sarjas’ and the Challenging Star Darshan is super impactful. 

Prema Baraha Mash Up Song

Source: ZEE5

Another party number at the end of the movie will cheer you up because it has not only Aishwarya and Chandan dancing in it but also Arjun Sarja, the director, as well.

After checking out all these songs, let us know your favourite in the space given below.

To see the Challenging Star Darshan’s tribute to the Sahasa Simha Vishnuvardhan, watch Nagarahavu, streaming on ZEE5.

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