6 Performances From The ZEE5 Original G.O.D Who Deserve A Special Mention And Applause

Sneha Bale

November 2, 2019


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1. John Kotolly as Ranga Rao

If you haven’t seen the highly talked-about ZEE5 Original series, Gods Of Dharmapuri, we give you 6 reasons to dive right into the 10-episode series. It has everything from drama to politics and from crime to gore. And to top off the delicious piece of content is the mind-blowing acting performances.

Actor John Kotolly plays the role of Ranga Rao – a liberal who sets up his own party in the strife-ridden town of Dharmapuri, in hopes to restore peace. However, in his own words, he is a “bishop”, who prefers playing his game from the pavilion instead of stepping down in the war field. He convinces the people of Dharmapuri and us in his ideas and concepts – irrespective of their correctness.

2. Samyuktha Honard as Divya Mathews

Next up, Kannada actor and star Samyuktha Honard acts as the passionate and ethical journalist, Divya Mathews. You can see the passion in her eyes and confidence her walk and talk. Her ethics may not align with the interest of others but somehow she makes you want to root for her victory.

3. Pramodh as Raghu

Pramodh portrays the character of Raghu, the young teenager who admired Pratap Reddy’s power and gut. He found a way to Pratap’s house and became the brother to his sons. He exhibits strength and power in his demeanour yet turns soft, caring and parental when he looks at Venu and Ravi.

4. Sruthi Jayan as Saroja

One of the most notable performances in this show has to be Sruthi Jayan as Saroja. She ages from a newlywed to a mother of two grown-up kids with extreme ease. She displays pain, joy, grace and concern that is so real you buy it. With little to no prosthetics and glam-up, Saroja has to be the most relatable character.

5. Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari as Chalapathi

Take a bow for actor Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari as Chalapathi. While acting, you are a faking an act. But Chalapathi has the honesty of an innocent child. There are no facades and no masks. This is as real as it gets – the way he laughs or the way he cries.

6. Anish Yohan Kuruvilla as Mr Rao

Last up, is the man of the show, director-actor Anish Yohan Kuruvilla. He plays a briefer role as Mr Rao, the man behind the most influential newspaper of the times. He is rarely seen in the show but in those few scenes, you can understand the influence he has. If ‘playing cool and classy’ had a visual it would look like Mr Rao.

Be sure to check out Gods Of Dharmapuri. For your next watch, find High Priestess starring Amala Akkineni on ZEE5.

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