6 Originals That Had Political Conflict At Its Heart To The Backdrop Of Great Love Story

From cross-border conflicts in Kaafir to internal politics in Naxalbari, these stories will give you an interesting insight into real political conflicts. Check out the list.

Stories having political tones can have a great impact on the audience. These movies or shows can take many forms by either entertaining the audience or by making them aware of harsh realities. They can have a relevant commentary on a political conflict or just have a satirical tone portraying a flawed system. Similarly, ZEE5 has treated us with a variety of shows and movies revolving around real political conflicts.

While some of these stories had action-drama as a sub-genre, the others had a love affair in the spotlight. Moreover, the political stance these projects had left all of us impressed, wanting more of it. Essaying a real political conflict comes with a risk and a lot of responsibilities and these stories have managed to stand out in every aspect.

So, here’s taking a look at ZEE5 originals who masterfully portrayed different-yet-real political conflicts.

Lahore Confidential

A still from Lahore Confidential
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Set against the backdrop of India- Pakistan cross-border conflict, this spy thriller gave us an insight into secret agencies. The film revolves around the story of Ananya, a RAW agent who’s on a secret mission in Pakistan. Problems arise when she falls in love with a Pakistani poet and social worker Rauf.

The film treats us with the ‘never-seen-before’ working of the national secret agencies including ISI and RAW. Filled with many twists and turns, Lahore Confidential will leave you with a shocker in the end.


A still from Kaafir
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Pop culture has always had different takes on the ‘militant conflict’ which continues to prevail even today. Similarly, Kaafir explored the true story of a Pakistani woman who accidentally enters Indian borders. The show is about the journey of Kaainaz who gets framed as a terrorist in India and how an Indian journalist fights for her justice.

The militant conflict has as of now destroyed the lives of many innocent peoples from both nations. Kaafir featuring Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina has a heartwarming and real take on this relevant issue.


A still from Naxalbari
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The Rajeev Khandelwal starrer Naxalbari was one of the finest releases of 2020. The show’s bold and real take on the long-ranging Naxal movement in India left us with many interesting aspects. From political propaganda to corporate involvement, the show captured everything perfectly.

Throughout its episodic course, the show kept us glued to our screens. Naxalbari made us aware of the harsh realities of the political world.

Jeet Ki Zid

A still from Jeet Ki Zid
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Jeet Ki Zid essayed an inspiring story of a soldier’s on-field and off-field battle. Based on a true story, the show follows the real-life journey of major Deependra Singh Sengar who gets physically affected after the Kargil War. The show further portrays his journey of achieving big in the corporate world. 

Jeet Ki Zid captures the cross-border conflict while highlighting the insights into the epic Kargil War.

The Married Woman

A still from The Married Woman
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Based on Manju Kapur’s novel, the upcoming show will revolve around the story of a housewife and her journey of self-discovery. Featuring Ridhi Dogra in the lead role, the show is set against the political unrest of 1992-93. The Married Woman will give you an interesting insight into the political trauma of the 1990s while the lead characters will be dealing with their personal problems.

The Chargesheet

A still from Chargesheet
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Inspired by a true story of a murder mystery, the show explores the flawed system of the 80s. Chargesheet is loosely based on the murder mystery of badminton player Syed Modi in 1988. The case still stands out as an exception in the history of India’s law and justice and is even discussed widely today. Chargesheet perfectly draws parallels between the political world and the personal life of a renowned sportsman.

So, that was the list of interesting stories that had a real political conflict as its essential theme.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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