6 Key Lessons We Take Away From The ZEE5 Original Series Kailasapuram

Sneha Bale

June 15, 2019


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1. Lying to elders does no good

The six-episode ZEE5 original series, Kailasapuram, does the trick of hooking you to its story right from the first episode. The show revolves around five youngsters who are trapped in the mafia and underworld drug dealing. We list six life lessons that the series teaches us through its six episodes.

In the series, the lead actors are all intermediate students. They smoke and drink but their families are in complete darkness. But when the tough days come, it’s the family that stands by them. So, lying to your elders does no good, really!

2. Check yourself before you wreck yourself

In the second episode itself, we witness the death of one of the lead characters, Raju. He was an honest petrol pump worker during the day but a drug dealer by night. It is his greed for a better life that killed him. Always, check your intentions and motives before you begin a new expedition in life.

3. Assuming isn't the best option

Just because Shiva overheard some part of Shailaja‘s conversation, he assumed the worse about their relationship. He was outrageous and uncontrollable. His assumptions ended up making things worse — for him, for the girl he loves, and for the people around him. Assuming isn’t a good option. When in doubt, speak up!

4. Value life and the living

Through the six-episodes, many people are killed are or die mysteriously. It isn’t until people start dying that the rest of the kids understand the value of people. But by then it’s too late already. Sometimes all you need to do is to speak to people and hear them out. Maybe then, we can save a lot of lives.

5. Regrets last longer

By the sixth episode, things unfold in ways that most people of the small town end up in tears. Sometimes one wrong move or a series of bad decisions catch up with you. And escaping situations isn’t a feasible option. It’s better to take a second opinion and a third if needed. But regrets will always last longer than the time you spend making the decision. Choose wisely.

6. Stay away from addictions

Last and most important! The kids in Kailasapuram lose their way because they had the confidence of handling whatever came their way with ease. This gets them into the habit of drug addiction and alcohol consumption. The end result is never good. Keep distance from such things.

Haven’t watched Kailasapuram yet? Check it out or watch other shows like B.Tech on ZEE5.

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