6 Jacket Styles Every Man Should Own: Inspired By Mishkat Verma And Mohit Malhotra

Ashutosh Oak

May 24, 2019


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Mohit And Mishkat The Trendsetters!


Mohit Malhotra is popularly known for his sharp looks and smart fashion sense. The actor is currently wooing the audience with the portrayal of Aakarsh in the popular thriller-horror show Daayan. But one thing which is common between his reel character and his real life is his dressing style and personality which seems quite similar. Not just Mohit, but Mishkat Verma from the comedy show Shaadi Ke Siyape is no less when it comes to fashion and style. Even he has got a great fashion sense and with the perfect choice of clothes, he nails every look.

As we all know the style game isn’t as easy as it looks and when it comes to choosing the perfect jackets we can surely rely on these two handsome actors to help us master this style. So, without much ado, let’s get started with the first jacket type.

Leather Jackets


In this picture, Daayan actor Mohit is wearing a black leather jacket accompanied by a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Making it look more casual, he has kept his look simple yet elegant. You can also try the second most favourite colour while buying a leather jacket that is brown. While we say this we would also like to make you aware that while buying genuine leather jacket make sure you check it carefully as pure leather jackets are rare to find unless its a branded one.

Bomber Jacket


Bomber jackets were meant for pilots in World War 2 but due to its bulky styling, it became popular amongst the people. The jacket allows your body to move more freely and its elastic ends help you hand to move convenient while they are covered. Bomber jackets and its design has evolved over the period of time and the one which Mishkat is wearing looks funky with its orange and black combination.

Varsity Jacket


As compared to the Bomber jacket this one has similar features but the material used in it and the sleeve pockets are different. We can say that, since the bomber was designed for the pilots, this was customised to the daily needs and made by keeping its users in mind. This gives you a complete look and you can wear it at any time of the year. This jacket from the list is also our favourite as it complements your overall personality.

Casual Blazer


This is one of the most popular jacket type and the reason is quite simple. It does not have an additional bulk and goes with both formal and casual attire very well. In this picture we see Mohit wearing a grey blazer matched with a black t-shirt and black jeans. Even if you wear a black trouser and a single coloured shirt then it would turn to be nice party wear. If you wish to wear it to the office then just replace the shirt with a formal shirt and you are all set to go. Isn’t it the most convenient of all?



In certain parts of India, the weather is either rainy or humid for the maximum time of the year, and that is why windcheaters are useful for the areas where the temperature is comparatively low i.e. in the cooler regions. Windcheaters is not only a saviour but also adds a masculine feel to your body shape without making it look bulky, especially for those who have a thin body shape. Also, many bikers prefer this while riding as they feel more comfortable in these. If you love riding and planning for one of the regions like Leh or Ladakh, then you must try these.

Denim Jacket


Just like leather jackets, Denim jackets are equally famous in India. Denim is popular in many Asian countries for the fact that it can be used in most of the weather conditions. One more positive aspect of denim is that it can be easily matched with any outfit which is why people love to wear it often. In this picture, Mohit is flaunting it with his white t-shirt and black jeans which makes it the perfect casual look for a vacay.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy the ones which aren’t there in your wardrobe now!

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