6 Cute Moments Of Mother-Son And Mother-Daughter Relationships In Kamali!


May 7, 2020

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Gowri Decides To Leave The City

Mother’s Day is nearing and what better way than to look back at some of the most loving and emotional moments between a mother and a daughter or son on this special day. Take a look!

Kamali’s mother decides to leave the city so that her daughter can have a secure future and move forward without her. Kamali begins to cry when she asks her mother not to leave. Gowri, however, leaves.

Gowri Comes Back

Gowri, overwhelmed with feelings, realises that her daughter is too young and cannot be left alone. She also realises that she will not be able to live without seeing Kamali and needs to be there for her at all times.

Amulya's Advice From Pari

As every mother should, Pari tells Amulya to trust herself with every decision she makes. She also tells her that she must follow her instincts and let them guide her. Amulya and Pari share an emotional moment thereafter.

Sumathi Consoles Lucky

Sumathi and Lucky have a warm emotional moment together when Lucky tells her how important she is to him and asks her never to leave him again. Sumathi cries and tells her that she will always have his back no matter what.

Parvathi Feeds Rama

Rama tells Parvathi about his insecurities. Parvathi, however, tells him that he must believe in himself and all is well for as long as he has a good heart. She then goes onto feeding him dinner!

Gowri Blesses Kamali

Kamali begins to stay with Chandru and Anika as they tell her she can focus more on her health and her Kabaddi game if she stays with them. The day before her game, Gowri calls her and blesses her so she can win the game.

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