5 ZEE5 Originals In Telugu You Should Check Out If You Haven’t Already

Sneha Bale

April 21, 2020


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Chitra Vichitram

Do not worry because we will not let you run out of good entertainment throughout the quarantine phase. Once again, we are here to introduce or re-introduce you to some of the earliest original shows that ever surfaced on the digital world. Our first pick is Chitram Vichtram which stars TV star Ravi and Apoorva Srinivasan.

The story revolves around two boys who grew up together and had each other’s back, always. During their time in college, the two boys end up falling for the same girl. That’s when differences start to arise. Will the boys forget the girl, or will the girl break their friendship?

B. Tech

One of Tharun Bhascker’s earliest gem is the ZEE5 Original B. Tech. Revolving around three B. tech students in the city, the show explores their journey towards finding who they are. It is also filled with nuances of college life that will strike a chord with everyone who has been a student.

Ekkadiki Ee Parugu

Starring Tollywood actors like Shashank, Pavani Gangireddy, Aryan Rajesh, Ekkadiki Ee Parugu is written by Abhilash Reddy. The first season explores the mystery around a couple. The wife is missing and probably is dead, too. While the husband has done his duty to inform the cops, why is an urgency to find the truth about his wife stopping him from being truthful to the cops?

Mrs Subbalakshmi

Mrs Subbalakshmi is an entertaining watch about a woman who decides to leave her ‘perfect family’ behind to enjoy freedom and life on her own terms. Lakshmi Manchu takes the lead, while Srinivas Avasarla portrays the husband, unable to get a grip on the situation after his wife ‘elopes’ alone.

Ekkadiki Ee Parugu Season 2

In the second season of Ekkadiki Ee Parugu, the mystery finally simmers down to give you the perfect closure. The missing wife, the lying husband, the first suspect, the hysteria of an underground gang and more. All your questions will be answered and it will also blow your mind away.

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