5 Well-Dressed Actors Whose Sense of Style We Just Can’t Get Enough Of

Amrita Ganguly

November 16, 2019


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Looking good isn’t a prerogative that only women need to follow, even men need to look good. It is especially true for actors who make public appearances all the time. But these Bengali actors are effortlessly stylish and well groomed. We love that they can turn heads in whatever they wear — be it jeans and T-shirt or a dhoti kurta. Here’s looking at these stylish men.

Cockpit star Dev is on everyone’s mind when we talk of looks and style. Seen here in street-style fashion, we love how his look is so casual yet, well put together. Heading for a party or a drink with the boys? This can be your inspiration.

Abir Chatterjee


We have seen Abir Chatterjee in the movie Bijoya, and we know he’s got serious acting chops. What works for him is the boy-next-door charm. Further, not everyone can carry a striped blazer with such ease. The style is simple and we love that. This is a perfect look for a brunch.

Gourab Chatterjee


We have seen Gourab Chatterjee in the ZEE5 Original film Bhalobashar Shohor- Kolkatar Kobitara, as well as the latest Bengali TV serial Rani Rashmoni as Mathurbabu. Gourab looks as good in traditional dhoti kurta as he does in a jacket and trousers. The Mathurbabu look suits him to the T. Heading for a wedding function? Try a dhoti like Gourab this time.

Gaurav Chakrabarty


Gaurav Chakrabarty stars in the ZEE5 Original film Bhalobashar Shohor – Pori. He is the perfect romantic hero. He loves travelling. Dressed in a khaki shirt, a multi-pocket jacket, brown pants and sturdy boots, this look his perfect for a safari.



There can be no talk of style in Tollywood without mentioning Jeet. The superstar has a great sense of style. Look at him flaunting a printed suit and trousers here. He is confident and that shows in his attitude. Want to flaunt something different at a cocktail party? You can try this style.

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