5 Ways To Spot Obsessive And Toxic People In Your Life Like Parnika In Punnaga

Sneha Bale

April 23, 2020


1 min

Seeks constant validation and attention

In the popular Zee Telugu show, Punnaga, Anirudh and Punnaga’s love story was bliss to witness. But like any story isn’t complete without conflict, Anirudh and Punnaga had Parnika in their life. She was cunning, pseudo-smart and believed that she was made for Anirudh. Unlike many of us, Anirudh understood the problem and kept her at bay.

Some of these signs may indicate that a person around you is both obsessive and toxic for you. So, how do you stay safe? Well, by simply looking for signs and signals. First and foremost, if someone seeks constant validation from you, that’s a red flag. This means that their every task is aimed at pleasing you and in turn, they haven’t been authentic.

Need to know of every single movement

Everyone is free to do what pleases them, without causing disturbance to others. But this person cannot go a moment without knowing what you are doing or thinking. It may seem intrusive at first but it could turn out be more dangerous than voyeurism itself.

Finds joy in unlikely situations

One of the biggest opportunities to learn about the toxic people in your life is to notice what they feel happy about. You may be surprised that they celebrate your fallouts and failures when it does not align with their plan.

Tries to control movement

Everyone wants to be in sync with their mind and body to do their best. That’s a great thought to have. However, things start to go downhill when a person wants to have a major say or exercise control over someone else’s movements.

Being sour when things do not go as planned

Even a person with the most sportsmen spirit will fall weak and low when they lose. But that motivates them to do better. In case of toxic people, you may start noticing that they throw shade around people when they lose.

We hope you spot the bad signs and set yourself aside.

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