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5 Uncanny Similarities Between Radhe And Master That Made Them Colossal Hits!

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May 19, 2021

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While fans are still vibing over Radhe, the film also made them recall another big hit of 2021, ‘Master’. In terms of storytelling, characters, and setting, both these stories are remarkably similar to one another.

At times, cinema treats the audience with a Rashomon-like experience of watching the same story, albeit with a fresh perspective. And something similar was experienced with Salman Khan’s most-awaited release Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. While fans are still vibing over this action-drama, Radhe also made them recall another big hit of 2021, ‘Master’. In terms of storytelling, characters, and setting, both these stories are remarkably similar to one another. And this has been an entertaining experience for the viewers.

Watch the trailer of Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai here:

Radhe portrays the story of a macho cop Rajveer who’s on a mission to gun down the criminals of the city. On the other hand, in Master, we have JD, a professor who crosses paths with a ruthless gangster. Though the scenarios are subtly different, there are many common aspects in both these films that one can’t overlook.

So, let’s look at 5 uncanny similarities between Radhe and Master that made these dramas a colossal hit.

Hero As The Saviour Of Youths

Stills from Radhe and Master
Source: ZEE5

The setting of Radhe takes us into a city wherein a crime lord Rana has weaved his mafia clan. The spread of his drug empire has led the addicted youths on a wrong track. Amid this, a dutiful and bold cop Rajveer Shekhawat (Salman Khan) aka Radhe is assigned a mission to track down Rana and his wrongdoings. Getting aware of the harsh realities and watching the troubled lives of youngsters, Radhe embarks on a journey to whitewash all the criminals.

In Master, we have JD (Thalapathy Vijay), an alcoholic man whose life changes for good when he gets enrolled as a teacher at a juvenile facility. He soon realizes how a gangster Bhavani is using youngsters as pawns in his criminal activities. Just like Radhe, JD turns a saviour for the youths and his life evolves on a right track.

A Devilishly Charming Villain

Stills from Radhe and Master
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The villains in Radhe and Master are the scene-stealers. It’s their charming personality that makes the viewers root for these baddies. In Radhe, we have Rana (Randeep Hooda) who’s ‘as bad as one gets’. Being the crime lord, Rana has a great hold over the city, and with his devious ploys, he gives a tough fight to our protagonist Radhe.

Similarly, Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathy) in Master is the silently charming villain whose actions speak louder than the dialogues. Whenever Bhavani confronts JD, it makes up for some epic and tense moments. Moreover, it is Randeep Hooda and Vijay Sethupathi’s performance that makes these villains worth remembering.

Complete Actioner!

Stills from Radhe and Master
Source: ZEE5

Both Radhe and Master are high on action and that’s something that adds to the intriguing side of these stories. Arguably, these films have some well-crafted action sequences we have ever seen in mainstream cinema. In Radhe, it is Salman Khan who morphs as a superhero-like figure to present us with ample action sequences. On the contrary, Master relies on hand-to-hand combat to live up to its actioner theme.

Precisely, both these films are laden with some great action sequences that make the drama more engaging and worth watching.

Massy Drama

Stills from Radhe and Master
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While Master came out as a bang-on start of 2021, Salman Khan’s Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai gave fans much-needed escapism in difficult times. And both these films are tagged as complete entertainment packages. Being the massy dramas, both Radhe and Master are laden with an interesting ‘hero vs villain clash’, seeti-maar dialogues, and ample action sequences. Also, the films were based on the theme of ‘good taking over the evil’.

Chartbuster Songs

Stills from Radhe and Master
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Peppy songs and catchy dance numbers were other interesting aspects of Radhe and Master. The music album of both these films has been named under the list of best albums of the year. From Radhe’s Seeti Maar to Master’s Vaathi Coming, these songs have broken all the records on the web, with fans still grooving over them. So, chartbuster songs are another interesting and common aspect between Radhe and Master.

To be precise, Radhe and Master, these two films have managed to entertain the audience amid difficult times. And thus, fans showered them with immense love and appreciation.

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