5 Types Of Fights All Best Friends Like Thoorpu Padamara’s Shruti And laya Experience

Sneha Bale

May 19, 2020


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The "you need a reality check, let me give you one" fight

In the Zee Telugu show Thoorpu Padamara, we met two amazing and polar opposite characters named Shruti and Laya. Laya is the personification of goodness while Shruti is a huge pessimist. However, just as we need Shruti and Laya to create music, we need both the girls to create this light-hearted comedy show. The BFFs are often seen feuding with each other, and we’re sure everyone with a best friend will relate to them.

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Most adults who have been friends for years will relate to this one. Somehow, we deeply feel the responsibility to knock some common sense into our friend’s brain. Because let’s be honest, no matter what, we have to face their parents’ scolds too. It all makes sense, don’t you think?

The "how can you have someone or something more important than me" fight

Most teenagers are probably living through this fight as we talk about. Another common fight is when the best friends get slightly jealous and highly annoyed when they see the other one spending time without them. This is admittedly one of the silliest, yet most special fights.

The "I don't approve of your choice" fight

Girls, this one is for all of us. The number of times we have tried to pass command over our friends’ choice is innumerable. Somehow, everything that they do must please us and vice versa. It is wrong to call these a fight of dominance. Because this comes purely out of love, and the thought that our best friends deserve better than the best.

The "you can't do this or that" fight

“Don’t tell you’re wearing that.” “You cannot possibly be stepping out in this.” “Why would you eat this?” “Who is this person you are hanging out this?” We wonder why hasn’t anyone spoken about helicopter friends. Because clearly, friends are more vigilant than helicopter mothers. In the moment, it may be terrible to face them. But in retrospect, these friends surely did us some good.

The "let me deal with my life" fight

Everything friendship reaches a breaking point, where it seems that you are better off this person. We have all been there and felt the pain which we are rarely able to comprehend. As much as you want them to go away, a part you tells you that’s wrong. And that, my friend, is because it is wrong. We are more invested in friendships than in any other relationship. So, this one’s worth the fight or a hindered fights.

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