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5 Traits That Make Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai’s Kajal A Role Model For Millennial Girls!


February 24, 2020

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Kajal is strong, ambitious and a character that many can resonate with.She believes in ‘Main Mera Dekh Lungi’ mantra just like any other girl her age!

With Women’s Day approaching, here’s another Zee TV character whom we’d like to praise. Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai’s Kajal is one such character who stands tall as one of the few characters who is not embroiled in the saas-bahu drama and staunchly portrays the life of a millennial from a small town. Much like every millennial’s attitude towards life, Kajal too believes in ‘Main Mera Dekh Lungi’ tagline and wears it with honour. She is strong, ambitious and a character that many can resonate with.

We have listed out some of the characteristic traits that make her the perfect poster girl of a millennial. Being ambitious runs in her ways, having a strong and free-spirited mind channel through her attitude and being the friendly girl-next-door courses through the serial. Here are some traits that you as a millennial can relate to.

Strong and free-spirited

Kajal is free-spirited and mentally strong. She is not the kind to let adversities get to her. Well, the plot of the show is such where her spirit is glorified so needless to say, she makes quite the inspirational face when it comes to tackling problems with a smile.


She is extremely ambitious and wants to see herself make it big in the world of dance. Sure, her illness will eventually devour her vision to become a big dancing star. However, despite being familiar with this fact, Kajal is not letting it affect her as all she wants to do is be an achiever.

Thoughtful and smart

Kajal is smart and thoughtful. She ensures to use her brain and not her heart when a situation demands. For example, when she saved people from a bomb and got the whole scene under control, now that was pretty badass.


She is quite the girl-next-door who is happy, jovial and super friendly at all times. In fact, every time her friends need her, she ensures to rush to them and be there for them. Basically, she values friendship a lot and deems it important.

Empathetic and considerate

Kajal is empathetic and considerate to the people around her. Despite how sometimes she is treated, especially by Anshuman’s family, she doesn’t let it affect her. She sees the good in everyone and tries to not pay much attention to the negatives of life.

For the uninitiated, Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai‘s story revolves around Kajal, a young and cheerful girl hailing from Jhansi who is positive and a happy soul. Everything in her life seems practically perfect until she is diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare disorder which results in a slow loss of vision. Despite knowing the repercussions of her disorder, Kajal is relentless in her pursuit to become the next big dancing star. Sure, there are obstacles in her personal life aside from the eye condition but Kajal has her own sweet way to deal with adversities.

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