5 Touching, Thought-Provoking, And Nail-Biting Moments From Heer Ranjha


June 4, 2020


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1. Trying to get to each other

The Punjabi TV serial Heer Ranjha is not just a TV show but a timeless trip on the path of eternal love. It is a journey to a world where love prevails over everything. It is a story about two individuals who were destined to write history. How they overcame all obstacles and proved that love knows no boundaries of caste, religion, and wealth forms the basis of the story. Watching Sara Gurpal as Heer and Amaninder Pal Singh as Ranjha is always a delighting experience. So, here we are with five scenes that made the show more special and interesting for us.

Ranjha is willing to do anything to get to Jhang. He knows that going in there would put his life in grave danger as the people of Jhang hate the people of Takht Hazara. But he wants to meet the love of life, and for that, he can give up his life happily. Ranjha tries to buy passage on a boat, but when the boatman finds out that Ranjha’s destination is Jhang, he refuses to take him. While Ranjha is trying to barter passage, Heer is also missing the tunes of her wanjiliwala (Ranjha). Heer confesses that the melodious sound of the wanjili (flute) gives a peaceful solace to her soul. You will adore the dedication of these estranged lovers.

2. How Ranjha becomes Heer's family's favourite

Ranjha manages to reach Jhang and he even meets Heer’s family. At first, Heer’s parents, Malki and Shahji Chuchak Chaudhary thank him for saving Heer’s life, but then Pakko says that Ranjha is responsible for putting Heer’s life in danger in the first place. Suddenly, everyone becomes suspicious of Ranjha, but he tells them that he has tried to help Heer in every possible manner. Heer agrees and asks Chinndo to share the incident when she was hiding from the people of Takht Hazara and Ranjha saved her. Chinndo agrees that Ranjha has saved them from the clutches of Takht Hazara. This is how Ranjha wins Heer’s family’s trust.

3. When Ranjha defended Heer

Ranjha manages to become a domestic help in Heer’s family. Heer also tests Ranjha and his love by giving him different challenges. One day, Banto slips near the kitchen area and she blames Heer for it in front of the whole family. Banto accuses Heer of piling Ranjha with work, despite knowing that he is incapable of doing it. Malki too gets angry with Heer for her carelessness. But then Ranjha appears and he says that Heer is innocent. Ranjha further says that Heer didn’t order him to do any such thing, but he himself decided to help her and Banto with household chores.

4. When Heer stands up for her best friend

Heer is against Nimmo and Kaido’s marriage. She can’t see her best friend getting married to a person who is twice her age. Heer is brave enough to call out this injustice in front of her family. She even insults Nimmo’s parents for agreeing to the wedding. Malki, Chinndo, Banto, Chuchak listen to Heer as she shares her discontent frankly. Heer even drags Ranjha into the fight and asks him to share his views about this marriage. The way Heer dares to speak the truth is truly commendable.

5. When Ranjha tricks Kaido

Heer, Ranjha and Babban are trying to outwit Kaido and stop his wedding to Nimmo. Babban disguises himself and gets close to Kaido. Ranjha plans to meet Kaido in the disguise of a woman and offer him a spiked drink. The plan is that once Kaido drinks the bhaang, he will misbehave with his elder brother (Chuchak) and he will get exposed. The next day, Ranjha disguised in a black burkha meets Kaido and he manages to fool him, while Babban dresses in Kaido’s clothes and marries Nimmo instead!

So these are some moments that keep you invested in the story thoroughly. Share your favourite moments from the show with us in the comments section below.

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