5 Times Swathi Reddy In Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule Defined A Typical Teenager

Sneha Bale

May 25, 2019


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1. The looks

Teenagers will always manage to take you by surprise, sometimes shock too! The way the talk, the way the dress or the way the act. Swathi Reddy, who started as a child-actor, blossomed as an on-screen teenager in the hit film Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule, starring Trisha and Venkatesh. She was nothing but a treat to watch.

When we’re in our teen years, nothing seems to be more important that oozing swag from every inch and looking picture perfect at all times. Swathy as Pooja in the film is similar. She maintains her dresses and Langa-voni perfectly. The prim and proper princess happens to be attracted to the mass and harsh Ganesh.

2. The confrontation

The young and teen Pooja doesn’t think about what she wants and needs. Liking a man ten years elder to her or dropping hints to him is all normal for her. At a time, she goes straight to Ganesh and accepts her feelings for him. No shame. No hesitance.

3. The acceptance

You may remember the days of your teenage when validation meant everything to you. That’s what goes on in Pooja’s mind too. She wants her ‘love’ for Ganesh to be accepted by him, by her sister and the entire family – who wouldn’t ever allow a love marriage.

4. The excitement

In an attempt to give Pooja a reality check, Ganesh and Kriti decide to do something. Kirti stops the car midway and asks Pooja to get down. Pooja thinks that’s her cue to becoming Ganesh’s life-partner. She excitedly thanks her sister, smiles at Ganesh with utmost happiness and leaves.

5. The confirmation

Ganesh and Kirti get out of the car a few moments later only to kill all of Pooja’s happiness. They tell her that her love is in fact only infatuation and it’ll go away. Instead of trying to understand, Pooja jumps into a well. Talk about teenage rebellion! Ganesh saves her and explains that she’ll find someone better. But Pooja responds with, “adgindaniki maatrame samadhanam cheppu” (answer for only what I have asked!)

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