5 Times Superstar Mahesh Babu Had Us Smitten With His Signature Smile

Sneha Bale

May 10, 2019


1 min

1. The smart one: Spyder

It’s a given that ‘chocolate boy’ Mahesh Babu’s smile can instantly make you happy. The actor, who has been doing films since the age of four, has just delivered the biggest opening in his career with his 25th film as the lead actor, Maharshi, at Rs 24.6 crores. Critics and fans alike have been raving about the film. And while we are sure the news has brought in a wide smile on Mahesh Babu’s face, we are just letting our emotions go into overdrive and rewinding to all those times we loved it when the superstar broke into a grin in some of our most-favourite movies. Read on for a quick recap.

If you’re tried defining perfect and have failed, here lies your answer. Mahesh Babu. Yes, the man is brainy and geeky. But he is also smart and sexy. Topping all of his qualities with his dashing smile is like a cherry on the cake.

2. The pillar of strength and happiness: Brahmotsavam

Brahmotsavam, also featuring Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal and Pranitha, is a visual delight. Along with a beautiful and moving storyline, the film boasts of a stellar line-up of actors. Of course, Mahesh Babu has three girls fall for him in the film and millions in reality. With a smile that comes from his heart and ends up on our faces, he truly, is the best source of our happiness.

3. The ray of hope: Srimanthudu

Even the toughest shell will crack open upon witnessing Mahesh Babu’s charming smile. Srimanthudu stands as the best example of this. He smiles… he smiles with honesty and hope that can light up an entire village. He smiles in ways that can lift the weight off the shoulders of tired souls.

4. The knight in shining armour: Sainikudu

If you think Mahesh Babu only saved Trisha from the bad guys in Sainikudu, you are mistaken, my friend. Watching him in the film, even today, gives us the hope that a knight in shining armour is truly out there for each one of us, with a smile half as good as Mahesh Babu’s.

5. Killing with innocence: Yuvaraju

Let’s end this walk down the memory lane with a throwback picture of Mahesh Babu’s ageless, timeless, beautiful smile from Yuvaraju that released in 2000. This one picture may have reminded you of the days when you had his posters splattered across your room. Let’s take this moment and look at this innocent smile. Let’s relive the happiness.

Head to ZEE5 and satisfy your cravings of this smile whenever and wherever you want.

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