5 Times Ram Charan Made Action Scenes Look Aesthetic In Bruce Lee: The Fighter

Sneha Bale

May 31, 2019


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1. True blue hero material

It isn’t hard to guess that the 2017 hit Telugu film Bruce Lee: The Fighter is an action flick. The name gives it away. But actor Ram Charan lives up to the name of the film. Of course, there are enough action sequences in this Telugu movie, but not once will you be tired with all the fights. Every single one of them has been choreographed and executed so amazingly that it’s a pleasure to watch them.

You know you are about to get into the masala movie zone when the hero’s entry is marked by an action scene. Ram Charan enters as a cop beating up a bad guy for being disrespectful towards a woman and her family. If you are thinking that cheering for his morals is the only thing you’ll do, let us tell you that your eyes will be busy taking in the aesthetics of this scene.

2. He's got 'em moves

Your enemy can attack from any side. So you must always be alert. It is an old saying. But Ram as Kartik, renews the meaning with his new moves. He beats people in front of him and those behind him with equal ease. Oh! Did we mention that he also looks perfectly handsome while fighting?

3. Slip, fall, stand, fight back

We all slip and fall. We all stand back up. But the moment in between is what defines embarrassment. Turns out, that case does not apply to this superstar. In this action scene, Ram Charan falls down after being beaten up and even falls down. But look at him getting back up. Aren’t you thinking what we are? What is this magic!?

4. Power move done right!

How do you differentiate between a good action sequence and a bad one? The picture above is your answer. When moving and fighting, everything can be difficult to be processed at once. And so we pay no heed to them. But check out this posture that Ram Charan is in. If this is not perfection, what is!

5. The classic move

Now that we’re talking about the Konidela prodigy, let’s rewind to where it all begins — the man himself, megastar Chiranjeevi. He appears in the climax of the film and takes everyone by storm — the heroine Rakul Preet Singh, the goons and, of course, us. Nobody has ever doubted his exceptional skills and nobody ever can. A sheer delight, that’s all we say about this scene.

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