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5 Times Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s Shanaya Reminded Fans That Happiness Lies In Small Things

Riddhi Adsul

November 10, 2020

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Check out five times Shanaya showed fans happiness lies in small things.

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s Shanaya aka Rasika Sunil has bagging praises for her portrayal of her character. Shanaya is a fun-loving and bubbly girl who falls in love with Gurunath who marries her after divorcing his wife Radhika. Since Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s commencement, Shanaya has been the antagonist, however, with the recent plot twist, Shanaya and Radhika join hands when Gurunath dumps Shanaya for a new entrant, Maya. You can love or hate Shanaya’s character but you surely cannot ignore her. Having said so, let us take a look at five times Shanaya taught us that being happy comes from small things.

Shanaya’s Mumma gets Shanaya gajra

When Shanaya gets dolled up to attain puja at Radhika Masale’s office, her Mumma gifts her a gajra to wear on her outfit. Shanaya, for the first time, wears a saree and surprises everyone with her entirely different look. To add on to Shanaya’s Marathi mulgi style, Shanaya’s Mumma gets a mogra gajra for her to tie to her hair. Shanaya smiles and feels excited. However, her happiness doesn’t last for a long time as Gurunath destroys her gajra.

When Shanaya & Soumitra spoils Gurunath & Maya’s date

When Gurunath and Maya call Shanaya stupid, the latter feels bad. While returning home Shanaya sees Maya and Gurunath having a romantic dinner. She wishes to spoil it. With the help of Soumitra, Shanaya successfully spoils their date. She disguises herself as Bindu and throws Maya’s grandmother’s ring in the pool.

When Shanaya impresses Gurunath

Even though Shanaya and Gurunath no more share a romantic relationship on the show, there was a time when Shanaya was crazy in love with Gurunath. To impress Gurunath Shanaya plans a romantic dinner for him. They dance and spend some loving moments together. This was one of the fewer times in Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Shanaya can be truly seen happy.

When Popatrao tries to impress Shanaya

When Shanaya goes to Radhika’s village, Popatrao falls for Shanaya. He decides to impress her and marry her. Popatrao gifts Shanaya expensive clothes and makeup. Popatrao’s gestures made Shanaya happy. However, she later uses him for her benefit. Popatrao visits Mumbai for Shanaya.

When Shanaya’s fans praise her talent

Shanaya carries her live session in a cafe when Soumitra tells her that he has got some people to watch her. Shanaya does an absolutely fantastic show and impresses everyone in the cafe. Shanaya’s fans praise her for her talent. This makes Shanaya very happy.

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