5 Times Katrina From Shaadi Ke Siyape Tried To Capture The Aliens But Failed

Ashutosh Oak

April 19, 2019


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Katrina Catches The Prince

From the first episode when Katrina landed on Earth, she was on a mission to catch all the aliens and take powers from the prince. In constant efforts to catch them she comes up with new plans. One of these was the time when she comes near Fancy aunty’s house and catches the prince and also the Aliens. Virat then suggests making Gabbar (Fancy aunty’s dog) attack Katrina as she is afraid of dogs. After Katrina gets busy with Gabbar, all the aliens runaway.

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Revealing The Secret In The Inter-Religion Marriage

Katrina then understands that she cannot use her powers near Fancy aunty’s home. Then she plans to get into the wedding and reveals the secret that the bride isn’t a Bengali which creates a huge problem for Fancy aunty as well as the Aliens.

Katrina Turns Three Cats Into Brides

This was an interesting story of three bachelors who wish to get married as soon as possible. The aliens assure them that they will get them married but Katrina turns three cats into brides and instructs them to get married to the grooms and kill them later; so that Fancy aunty will kick the aliens out of the house.

Katrina Kidnaps Bijli

The episode in which Katrina transforms three cats into brides, in the end, she kidnaps one Alien and takes her to the cave. But just when she is about to kill Bijli, a baby starts crying and Katrina gets irritated by the sound and runs away from the cave leaving Bijli alive.

Kamini Reveals Her Real Self As Katrina

In the last episode, we saw all the aliens come to know that Kamini is Katrina. But while following her they forget that they are moving out of the safe zone and end up getting caught by Katrina. Luckily the prince comes there and uses his powers to save all the aliens.

Now when the Prince knows to use his powers what will Katrina do next to catch these Aliens? Keep watching to know more.

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