5 Times Deva And Parvathi Proved They Were Our One True Pair In Muddha Mandaram

Sneha Bale

June 5, 2019


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1. Their love story was meant to be

Muddha Mandaramthe most-watched Telugu serial, has managed to keep us hooked for more than four years. A family drama, this Telugu TV has introduced us to many interesting characters. Each one has their own quirks but our heart went out to Deva, also referred to as Pedda Babu in the show, and his lovely wife Parvathi. Pavan Sae and Thanuja Gowda played the characters of Deva and Parvathi in the TV serial. Post the leap, Abhinandan and Soundarya have now replaced Deva and Parvathi, who passed away in an accident, but their love story is about to begin and they are mostly seen fighting. While we wait for that new chapter of romance to begin, we can’t help take a nostalgic look back at what made us love our favourite pair.

For those who started watching late, post an attempt to stab and kill her, Parvathi had lost her memory and could not recognise anyone. Her mother-in-law Akhilandeswari (played by Haritha) offered her to stay at her house as a guest. Here, she once again fell in love with Pedda Babu, who was actually her husband.

2. Their love was genuine and innocent

Deva and Parvathi had always been the onscreen couple people looked up to. After the accident and all the enmity that surrounded their family, Deva decided to make extra efforts in making sure Parvathi and their son were always protected from any and every possible threat. Parvathi and Deva loved each other. But neither did they demand nor expect anything in return.

3. Their love was playful

Parvathi and Deva were married for a long time. We had seen them on screen for over a year. Yet nothing about the two ever got boring. Their childlike innocence and playful behaviour kept everyone in awe of them.

4. The way Deva looked at Parvathi was #GOALS

It was amazing to see Deva’s eyes light up every time he looked at Parvathi. She could be passing by the corridor and Deva would get lost in thoughts looking at her. After all that the couple went through, their love for each other only grew stronger by the day.

5. Everybody loved Deva and Parvathi

Not just the audiences, but the other characters of Muddha Mandaram also wanted Deva and Parvathi to stay together. In the Telugu TV show, when Parvathi refused to accept Deva as her husband, the family was shattered. But they were willing to go to any length to just make her feel comfortable. Finally, as we all wanted, Parvathi and Deva were united.

If you want to watch another romance bloom, watch Maate Mantramu on ZEE5.

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