5 Times Angad Bedi’s Mum Bhai Paid an Ode to the 80s Retro Style And Fashion Trends

ZEE5’s Mum Bhai is every bit entertaining and thrilling. But apart from providing complete entertainment through this gang war theme, Mum Bhai also pays a major ode to retro and early 2000’s fashion trends.

Tanvi Dhote

December 30, 2020


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Mum Bhai is the latest crime thriller on ZEE5. The ZEE5 Original has become the talk of the town with its content and thrilling action sequences. But apart from its content, the show has also nailed the costumes of the entire cast. Mum Bhai cast’s looks add more to the retro feel of the show. So here are 5 times when the MumBhai cast aced in their retro and paid an homage to 80’s style and fashion.


1. Workin’ It

Source: ZEE5

Angad Bedi stole the show with his performance in the show. He not only transitioned smoothly in different age groups but felt comfortable in his skin. Young Bhasker’s budding personality is completely visible through his costume as seen above. It is a no-nonsense approach, hence a simple stripped shirt, and decent haircut works for him. His approach towards fashion is completely opposite to that of his Rama Anna.

2. Rama Shetty’s over the top- looks

As mentioned above, Bhasker and Rama’s style is polar opposite. Even though Rama Shetty is a small-time criminal and mafia, his personality encapsulates power and control. Even though he is dressed like an 80s mafia, his look compliments his personality on every level. Take for example this picture, he is in an 80s style printed shirt, with a gold chain to add depth to his criminal background and of course a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

3. Bold with gold

Source: ZEE5

Vaishnavi (Sandeepa Dhar) is a simple girl but her costumes speaks in volumes about her personality. For example in this picture, she adds colour to the frame in a red kurta, and a printed jacket. The jacket immediately grabs your attention with its fine gold thread details. That’s not all Vaishnavi’s watch is also an accessory that is peak 80’s fashion. But since 80’s fashion is now making a comeback you can easily recreate this look in 2020 for your next Zoom Call.

4. Rein It All In

80’s fashion was no holds barred approach. This approach is clearly visible in this frame. Just take a look at this shot from Mum Bhai, the actor is dazzling in rhinestone jewellery and a bold coloured sari. Furthermore, the long eyeliner was on the must-have list when it comes to getting ready for an event or party. This 80’s look can be your glamorous costume for your next year’s Halloween party.

5. Why should girls have all the fun?

While certainly jewellery was a big thing for women back in the 80’s, it was the same case for men. For example, in this frame, a don is showcasing his power and health with multiple gold chains. A silk shirt and a black jacket compliments the look further. Of course you cannot forget to notice those colourful sunglasses.

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