5 Things You Will Know If You Are Forgetful Like Oh My Friend Star Shruti Haasan

Promita Mukherjee

June 13, 2019


1 min

1. The bag rummage routine

Do you ever wish your keys came with some sort of a beeping device so you can just call for it? Do you keep looking around the house for your glasses that are actually happily perched on your head? Looking around the house for your phone and realise you left it in the car? Guess what? These things happen with the pretty Oh My Friend star Shruti Haasan as well. Don’t be surprised. Even superstars are human, after all, and are prone to forgetfulness just like us. Shruti admitted it in an Instagram post where she wrote: “Where did I put my phone ? #everforgetful #scatterbrain”. Do you identify? Here are five signs that will tell you whether you too are a scatterbrain just like Shruti.

We’re sure you know the rummaging through your bag routine. You know, the same one where you go through your bag, and then go through it once more to check whether you have taken everything – wallet, essentials, keys, mobile phone. And then you double check it again.

2. The ‘locking’ problem

Did I lock my house before leaving? Did I leave the keys hanging at the door? You know what we are talking about right? We are pretty sure you do.

3. Sticky notes for the win

No matter where you are – at work or at home, you surround yourself with sticky notes which basically list down every single chore you need to do. And sometimes even the process to do them.

4. Search mode on

You are constantly searching for something or the other. Even if it is something you have put down just minutes ago. You just don’t remember where you have kept it.

5. Reminders are lifesavers

You have alarms set on your phone for every single task that you are supposed to do. But does that always help? Your guess is as good as ours.

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