5 Things We All Can Learn From Parvathy Of Sembaruthi

August 25, 2019


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1. Simplicity

We come across several people in our life, but only a handful leave a lasting impression. A person’s character plays a crucial role in determining his/her position in the larger scheme of things. Parvathy of Sembaruthi is one such character that inspires us to make better versions of ourselves. What makes Parvathy different and a class apart? Read on to know the lessons we can learn from Parvathy of our super-hit Tamil daily soap Sembaruthi starring Karthik Raj and Priya Raman in pivotal roles.

Parvathy’s simplicity attracts us to her. She proves that simplicity is the essential component to remain grounded. Unlike Mithra, who believes in maintaining an aura and false pride around her, Parvathy’s simplicity makes her a loveable character.

2. Humility

It was Parvathy, who helped Adithya find the real culprit when Akhilandeshwari got falsely implicated in baby food adulteration case. Parvathy didn’t take credit for sharing her idea with Adithya. That shows Parvathy personifies humility.

3. Gratefulness

Like her father Sundaram, Parvathy feels indebted to Akhilandeshwari for all the good she has done to her. She doesn’t take people for granted. Parvathy feels grateful to her and hence, doesn’t wish to do anything that would offend or hurt her.

4. Care

Parvathy is caring because she genuinely loves people closest to her. Even after Akhilandeshwari abuses her, Parvathy applies medicine to her wounded hand. She doesn’t get affected by Akhilandeshwari’s anger but cares about her injury.

5. Respect

Parvathy is respectful towards the elders even if they have been unduly rude to her. Parvathy knows that Vanaja creates hurdles for her and tries to insult her, but she doesn’t back answer her. That proves Parvathy believes in respecting people even if they choose to stoop low.

What do you like the most about Parvathy? Let us know by leaving your comment below. And for more entertainment, watch Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari, on ZEE5.

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