5 Things That Are Truly Unique In Nara Rohit’s Hit Movie Raja Cheyyi Vesthe

Sneha Bale

May 14, 2019


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1. The unconventional hero

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, starring Nara Rohit, Isha Talwar and Taraka Ratna in the lead roles, is a multi-layered drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat all the time. There is romance, drama, friendship, action and crime. It isn’t your regular masala entertainer. It’s so much more.

We are used to seeing heroes with six-pack abs who are ready to draw a punch at any second. Rohit’s character Raja is entirely different. He doesn’t pick up fights or sweep girls off the floor with sweet words. He is human, imperfect and flawed. He is more relatable.

2. The scared villian

Taraka Ratna plays the role of Manik, a criminal who has spread terror in the city and yet no one can dare to arrest him. This is very common for a villain. But unlike most others, he is afraid of dying or being threatened. He accepts it. Also, unlike other villains, he does not have sidekicks who will do the dirty work for him or give him tips and ideas. Manik can do it all alone.

3. The truthful friends

In films, it is commonly seen that the lead actor and actress have only yes-men as their friends. But in Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, Raja’s friends are free to criticise each other’s work and call out on someone when they know something they are doing is wrong. That’s all our friends. Relatable, right?

4. The love story

Boy meets girl. Both fall in love. Get married. Live happily ever after. That’s basically the story of most love stories seen on the big screen. But not here! Raja is satisfied when he gets a glimpse of Chaitra, Isha’s character. He isn’t chasing her. He does not even propose. Yet their love prospers.

5. Plot twist

Nothing makes a film better than unpredictability. And Raja Cheyyi Vesthe is filled with plot twists. Why is the villain important? Why should he die? Why is the hero chosen one? What is the girl doing in the midst of it all? And so much more! All your questions will only be answered when you watch the film.

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