5 Things Shruti Haasan Does In Srimanthudu That Will Inspire You

Sneha Bale

June 10, 2019


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1. Helping children

Srimanthudu ,featuring Mahesh Babu and Shruti Haasan, is more than your regular love story. The film is backed by an inspirational storyline and characters we can look up to. If you thought the only motivational element of this Telugu film was Mahesh Babu, you should be paying more attention to Shruti’s character.

In this Telugu movie, Shruti plays the role of Charuseela, a happy-go-lucky girl who is always thinking about the betterment of people around her. On her way to a birthday party, she receives a cake delivery. Instead of taking it to the birthday boy, she gives away the cake to street children.

2. Helping with information

One doesn’t usually open up to strangers the first time they meet them. But Shruti’s character Charuseela isn’t like that. Instead of trying to keep her distance, she helps everyone with information that she has. As they say, one must share their knowledge to help others. From Harsha, played by Mahesh Babu, to random strangers on the streets, Charu is someone who is happy to help.

3. Educating people about adoption

Charu and Harsha (played by Mahesh Babu) attend a friend’s wedding together. There they meet another old friend and Charu openly asks her friend about family plans. When the lady says she has enough money to have another child, Charu intervenes. She says that the wealth should be used to adopt and raise another child with equal love and affection.

4. Inspiring Harsha - the multi-billionaire

Harsha, or Harshvardhan, is the only heir to a multi-billion business empire. His father is adamant that Harsha join the business. But Harsha is moved by Charu’s ideology of giving back to the society as much as possible and when the time comes. And so he goes on a journey to become Srimanthudu.

5. Back to the roots

Shruti Haasan‘s character, Charu, stands by her words and returns to her village as soon as her course on Rural Development is completed. She believes that it is time to give back to her village which has given her family, food and shelter all her life.

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