5 Things About Haritha’s Character Akhilandeswari We Absolutely Love

Sneha Bale

July 1, 2019


1 min

1. She is quite strong

Muddha Mandaram, the hit Telugu TV show , has been running successfully for years. But while the lead characters, Thanuja Gowda and Pavan Sae are always on the minds of fans of this hit Telugu serial,  another character we really like is that of Akhilandeswari, played by Haritha. Here are the reasons why we absolutely can’t get enough of her.

It is not often that we see strong female characters on the small screen. Even though Haritha’s character faces multiple issues, Akhilandeswari stands strong and firm throughout.

2. Super emotional

Although she maintains a strong front, Akhilandeswari is extremely emotional. Even the slightest possibility of something going wrong scares her. Especially when things are related to her family members and loved ones, Akhilandeswari’s emotions know no limits.

3. Very caring

A woman of strength and strong will, Akhilandeswari manages to fulfil her personal needs along with those of the people close to her. She cares for them in every possible way and is willing to go to any length if needed.

4. The perfect solutions

We see Akhilandeswari sob and weep so many times in this Telugu serial. We know her love for her family trumps all her needs and wants. Seeing them in distress causes her more trouble. Yet Akhilandeswari comes up with the perfect solutions to tackle the toughest situations.

5. She is stylish

Last but definitely not the least, Akhilandeswari has a sense of style we cannot beat. There isn’t a colour or a pattern of saree that she cannot pull off. Whether worn with heavy jewellery or just a pair of simple earrings, she can make everything look good.

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