5 Things A Pregnant Woman Should Carry Like Ragini From Agnifera

These tips will help you stay happy and healthy during your pregnancy.

Ashutosh Oak

May 2, 2019


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Remember the time when Ragini from And TV’s popular show Agnifera was pregnant and had a checklist to carry necessary things while going out? Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are a lot of do’s and don’ts to follow during the pregnancy period. Amongst the do’s, we have created a list of must-haves in your purse, which every woman who is expecting should check before leaving the house.

1. Water Bottle

Water is something really important for a woman during her pregnancy. One should make a habit of carrying a water bottle with them so that the body is well hydrated all day long.

A look at the episode where Ragini tells Anurag about her pregnancy:

2. Healthy Snacks

A pregnant woman should never ignore her body when she is feeling hungry. There will be times when you will just start starving and need something to munch. But waiting to get home at that time can be too long. To curb these hunger pangs, you should keep protein bars, fruit strips, etc. in your bag.

3. iPod or Music Player

There is nothing better than playing calming music that will make you feel happy during your pregnancy.

4. Lotion

The itchy feeling prevails as your belly begins to stretch super tight. This is very helpful to be able to pull up your shirt for a moment and apply a calming cream across your middle, so you feel relaxed and calm.

5. Medication

Some women suffer from more and worse headaches during this period, often striking at any time. Hence, acetaminophen/ paracetamol turns out to be the only pain reliever approved for use during pregnancy. We can even consult our doctors about it if there are major concerns.

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