5 Songs Performed On Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17 That Must Be On Your Playlist!

Check out some songs from the show that must be listened to on loop!


October 10, 2020


3 min


As we all know, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17 has been one reality show that can calm us, distract us from our worries and open our eyes to the kind of talent around us. Especially now, we could all use some music during such difficult times. Music has the ability to make us dance like no one is watching, or sing like a performer on stage. It is also no discovery that music has an inevitable way of touching your mind, soul and body. Speaking of which, here are some songs that have been performed in the show, that must be on your daily playlist.

A couple of weeks back, Ashwin Sharma gave us a grand opening performance as he sang the devotional song Ramaya Ramabhadraya with his own twist. While he totally gave us a fun version of this, listening to the original will surprisingly calm your mind and help increase focus.

Ashwin Sharma

In another episode, Asha Bhat gave us a performance and that too a stellar one as she sang Neene Modalu from the 2019 movie Race. The song that was originally sung by Shreya Goshal is not only soothing to the ear but the lyrics are a must-listen too!

Asha Bhat

Another power-packed performance was given by Srinidhi Shastri who sang the Shambo Shiva Shambo. While his performance was amazing, this song can be quite energizing and motivating for many reasons.

Srinidhi Shastri

If you’re looking for a peppy number, then Hello Hello Hello from the movie Bachchan that was sung by Kiran Patil in the show must be on your playlist.

Kiran Patil

Ratnamma and Manjamma who sang Preethi Namma Thavarina Siri from the movie Thavarina Siri is a song that was originally sung by Madhu Balakrishnan, Chitra and Nanditha Mangala. Well, this is one song that must be on-loop!

Ratnamma and Manjamma

For more variety of songs, catch all episodes of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17 exclusively on ZEE5!

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