5 Songs From Thayige Thakka Maga That Connected Perfectly With The Story

Parinika Uchil

May 26, 2019


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1. Thayige Thakka Maga - Title Track

Source: ZEE5

Mohandas, a man who never disobeys his mother and fights injustice with one single word ‘anger’, finds himself and his loved ones in trouble when a monstrous influential man creates trouble in the city. Director by Shashank, Thayige Thakka Maga focuses on how certain negative elements in our society can cause a series of ripples that impact the local public, including Mohandas. A brilliant message that the movie comes out with is that the ‘public’ is stronger than any influential man and they make up their mind they can teach each and every monster sitting on a leader’s seat, a lesson.

In the leading roles are Sumalatha Ambareesh and Krishna Ajai Rao as Parvathi and Mohandas. While having worked before together, these two brilliant actors brought their A-game while working on Thayige Thakka Maga and what brilliant performance it has been individually as well as together. With Judah Sandhy as the music producer, the film sound score kept perfectly in sync with the theme of the film. Apparently, the songs in the film were made in such a way that each song was connected to the next part in the film. So there will be no background dancers supporting the hero and heroine (Ashika Ranganath) in the film. Without further ado, let’s look at these songs, shall we?

The title track of the film denotes that Mohandas’s mother, Parvathi, has his back when it comes to punishing criminal miscreants. Sung by the talented Chandan Shetty, this song will fill you with josh!

2. Sakkare Naguva

Source: ZEE5

Probably the sweetest song in the film, one because obviously, the song has got the word ‘Sakkare’ (sugar) in it and two, because Parvathi and Mohan both fall in love with Saraswathi (Ashika Ranganath). While Parvathi sees her daughter-in-law in Saraswathi’s form, Mohan, too, loses his heart to her in this song. As I said, this song sung by Deepak Doddera is probably the cutest ever.

3. Hrudayake Hedarike

Source: ZEE5

Singers Sanjit Hegde and Sangeetha Ravindranath did absolute justice to this romantic song, where Mohan and Saraswathi go on a weekend vacation to what seems to be like a beautiful farmhouse, aloof from the city. Jealous anyone?

4. Amma Ninna

Source: ZEE5

When his mother’s life is in danger, the song Amma Ninna runs on Mohan’s mind as he rushes to his mother’s side. This is track sung by Narayan Sharma is sure to make you emotional.

5. Usira Thantiye

Source: ZEE5

Sometimes where there is love, there is heartbreak. Unfortunately for Mohan, Saraswathi cannot handle his angry side and leaves him. All the memories come back gushing into Mohan’s life of when he and Saraswathi were together in this senti-song, sung by Rap Sid and Siddharth Belamannu.

Which was your favourite song in the film? Let us know about your thoughts in the space given below.

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