5 Similarities Between Guddan Of GTNHP And Tarini Of Fittrat That Will Surprise You


May 12, 2020


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1. They both have childlike wonder

It is amazing to see women who stand for themselves and are brutally honest about what they feel. What makes Tarini and Guddan so special is the fact, that they have childlike energy infused in them which really defines their persona. When it comes to Tarini, she aspires to be a gold digger despite being a state topper, which shows her childlike honesty, and how upfront she is, and that makes us root for her. In Guddan, we see this young girl who just married AJ, trying to fit in and love her circumstances, no matter how difficult it is, even though she is super clumsy it is her quality of compassion that makes her worthy of all the endurance.

You can watch the trailer of Fittrat here.

2. They are Go-Getters

If Guddan sets her mind on something, she makes sure that she gets it no matter what! When AJ goes deep into alcoholism and the entire Jindal Bhavan is on the verge of bankruptcy, it is Guddan who returns back and keeps her ego aside to help Jindal Bhavana and also AJ to overcome alcoholism. When it comes to Tarini, no matter what the problem is, she doesn’t give up. she also makes sure to steadily follow her dreams of going to Delhi and chasing her best friend down to live the life she always wanted.

3. They both are very connected to their fathers

Tarini has been brought up by her father and she feels very connected to him. He is her person whenever she needs anything. She is really protective of him and does not want to burden him with her problems. Guddan is also very attached to her father, and finds a deep emotional pull with him. They both are strong girls who have been brought up by good fathers. Which tells us it’s so essential to be connected with your father.

4. Honesty is the best policy

Watch the latest episode of Guddan here

Tarini is the embodiment of honesty, she truly believes that honesty is the best policy. Her intentions are clear and she does everything out in the open. Whether it is openly manipulating people, or getting out of a situation. She is brutally honest about what she feels and does. Similarly, Guddan is not afraid of putting herself out there, she is brave and honest, when AJ accuses Guddan of aborting their child, she does not think twice before revealing Antra’s truth.

5. Expressing love

Guddan recently confessed her love for AJ, but she does not shy away from taking care of everyone in the house, whether it is keeping a track of AJ’s meetings, or giving daadi her medicines on time. Guddan expresses and gives love to everyone. She is extremely compassionate. In Fittrat, we see how Tarini protects her best friend and never gives up. She fights till the end and proves that friendship is beyond everything. Tarini and Guddan really love their tribe.

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