5 Scenes In Kriti Garg Starrer Raahu Which Made Us Move Emotionally

Sneha Bale

June 2, 2020


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The perseverance taught by father

Raahu is a 2020 thriller film which saw its world digital premiere on ZEE5, last week. The film is director Subbu Veddula’s maiden project and features Kriti Garg and Aberaam Varma, who have each been part of only one film previously. The new talents come together and whip up a thriller that is not only intriguing and interesting, but also wholesome. Here are some of our favourite scenes!

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The first scene is from the first 15 minutes of the film. Young Bhanu learns about her unique condition and decides to keep herself prepared for the worst. Although she gives up early on, it is her father’s words that keep pushing her forward.

The kindness even in a moment of disaster

Bhanu lives a perfectly happy moment when an unfortunate accident turns her world upside down, upon seeing blood. Bhanu, who was excited to start a new life with a goldfish, understands that somethings in life are best when not caged.

Smartness that sweeps everyone off their feet

We will agree that Sesh and Bhanu’s love story is rather rushed and unexplainable. However, Sesh constantly does things which earn him brownie points. One of the moments when he hit a straight six was this. When attempting to solve a murder mystery for Bhanu’s commission-father, Sesh leads him onto a new angle.

A moment of shock that changes the course

Bhanu runs for her life from two unknown kidnappers and finds herself at the door of an isolated house. Just when she tries to warm up to the uncertainty around her, her worst nightmare comes true. She finds out that she was stuck in the house of a man who wanted to kill her and her father, for a past deed.

The sign that starts to make sense

Towards the climax, while we still wonder when and how Nagaraj will kill Bhanu, a serpent sign changes everything. Sesh, who understands what was going through Bhanu’s mind, lays open the trap in which she had fallen.

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