6 Scenes From Ram Pothineni’s Hyper That Will Tickle Your Funny Bones

Sneha Bale

June 2, 2019


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1. The blissful silence

Ram Pothineni starrer Hyper made records with it’s super hit release in 2016. Two years later, the film stills remains a go-to entertainer. It has powerful dialogues, a melodrama that seems perfect, romance, and kickass action. From time to time, we end up laughing at what is happening on screen. The action-romance flick has light-hearted and subtle comedy which will bring a smile on your faces.

Moments after the birth of Surya, everyone is happy to hear his first cry. But the crying goes on and on until people resort to closing their ears or stuffing their ears to shut out the sound. It all stops when Surya is finally picked up by his father Narayanamurthy (Sathyaraj). He is happy to see this but little does he know that the smile will soon turn into tension.

2. The con

Surya (Ram) comes across a video where a man is asking for financial help from people to save his pregnant wife and unborn baby. Surya decides to help them out but runs short of Rs 10, 000. He sees Bhanumathi (Rashi) at the bus stop and wants to take money from her. He sits beside her and smartly gets to know her name along with that of her best friend. He cooks up a story, by interchanging Bhanu and himself as various characters, and gets the money from her. It’s better watched than read. Check it out here.

3. The trap

The next day, Bhanumathi comes back asking for her money and ends up venting out her stories instead. She tells Surya about how her boss (Brahmaji) has been making her do all the work since he is a workaholic. She explains: “He keeps calling me — to send e-mails, to check on staff, to eat lunch and even after I’m home.” Poor Bhanu has no clue that her boss has been trying to hit on her until Surya explains it to her in clear words.

4. The weird weather

In the song Naalo Neene, Bhanu is starting to fall for Surya but Surya has no such intentions. At a point, she visits a hilltop with Surya and his gang. There Surya leaves his jacket on the railing and Bhanu picks it up and keeps it close to her. Surya gestures, asking ‘why?’. She responds in a way which means she is feeling cold. Surya looks up to see the scorching hot sun and wonders what is wrong with Bhanu. That look on Surya’s face. That’s gold!

5. Love for parents

One fine day in the house, Narayanamurthy tells his wife to go to the doctor and seek help for her unending cough. Looking at his concern, Surya gets up and tells his mother to do so as he takes a glass of milk from her hand. His mother is just about to rejoice in his concern when he says ‘how sad will dad be if something happens to you!’ crashing all of her dreams. She says, “ammani ra!” (I’m your mother) to which Surya says, “ikkada nanna amma!” (Here’s dad, mother!)

6. Control!

Bhanumathi grabs an opportunity in the shopping mall and drags Surya into the trial room. There she tries to woo him. Looking at her throw off the jacket, Surya tries to control his emotions and says, “Oh My DAD!” That one dialogue makes the scene amazing. But watching it is a little treat in itself too!

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