5 Scenes From Mummy: Save Me That Will Not Let You Sleep Alone Tonight  

Starring Priyanka Upendra and Yuvina Parthavi, this ultra-scary story has scenes that’ll terrify you. If you want proof, take this challenge yourself

Parinika Uchil

April 27, 2019


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Even though our Kannada film industry is low on the number of horror films it makes, a young director named Lohith H did wonders in his debutMummy: Save Me qualifies as the underdog in Sandalwood when it comes to horror. Starring Priyanka Upendra and Yuvina Parthavi in the lead, it is a movie which concentrates solely on a screenplay that is filled with gut-wrenching horror.

If you are gutsy enough, watch this film alone:

Though the movie doesn’t have many locations for shooting, the scary haunted villa is enough to keep you on your toes. Plus, no part of the movie is unnecessary. Lohith has perfected the script by displaying ease in his direction skills. From start to finish, the film has delivered fright throughout, as any horror movie should ideally be.

More specifically, these five scenes from Mummy: Save Me will scare the wits out of you! Spoilers ahead.

1. The introduction of the ghost 

K P Sridhar And Yuvina Parthavi In Mummy Save Me
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At the beginning of the film, when James interviews Kriya (played by Yuvina Parthavi) about her friends in the house, she informs him that one is standing right behind him! This marks in the introduction of the ‘ghost‘ in the film. Well, I don’t want to ruin the horror, so I’ll let you watch the movie to find out what happens next!

2. Sneha’s worst encounter

Aishwarya Shindogi In A Scene From Mummy Save Me
Aishwarya Shindogi In A Scene From Mummy Save Me

When a chirpy Sneha (played by Aishwarya Shindogi) walks in the lawn to collect the dried clothes, her handkerchief slips from her hand and carefully slides behind the clothesline! As she slowly tries to retrieve it, a haunting encounter awaits her. Watch this scene now to get goosebumps!

3. Kriya in danger

Yuvina Parthavi In Mummy Save Me
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As an innocent Kriya walks down the stairs with her dear doll, she turns to see the ghostly figure, who stares at her for a second and rushes towards her. Will Kriya be able to save herself from this beastly apparition?

4. The origin of the ghost 

A Still From Mummy Save Me
A Still From Mummy Save Me

After the mishap with Priya (played by Priyanka Upendra), the priest explains how the ghost came into being those many years ago. It seems like a normal story at first, but as you keep watching, the intensity of the eeriness just increases.

5. The Climax

Aishwarya Shindogi In A Still From The Film
Aishwarya Shindogi In A Still From The Film

John is summoned to tackle the ghost as all the members of the villa including Priya, her mother and Sneha find themselves in a maze of mind games. During this time, the ghost toys with them to drive them crazy. For a climax, these series of events seem to be bang on!

If you like horror films as much as I do, then Mummy: Save Me will be a visual treat coupled with twists and turns throughout.

What is your favourite scary scene in the film? Share in your experiences in the space below with #Mummy #MummySaveMe

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