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5 Scenes From Melkote Manja  That Have ROFL-Worthy Dialogues You Can’t Miss

Parinika Uchil

May 21, 2019

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If you haven’t had your fill of comedy, watch this hilarious film starring Namma Jaggesh. Scenes #3 and #4 from Melkote Manje are my favourites.

Melkote Manja is a comedy film written, directed and enacted by the Eddelu Manjunatha star, Jaggesh. Pairing opposite him is the sizzling Aindrita Ray, who has performed brilliantly as well. The movie is a rollercoaster of comedy, drama and slight action. While the contributions of the rest of the cast were commendable, Jaggesh’s quirky comedy kept us hooked.

Watch Melkote Manja here if you want to lighten your mood today:

There are many hilarious scenes in the film, but these five scenes and their dialogues will make you burst out laughing.

1. When you are asked about having a bank account and you proudly state all your other accounts except that!

Bank Janardhan And Jaggesh In A Scene From Melkote Manja
Source: Youtube/Giphy

2. Trying to impress chicks? Well, this ain’t it!

Manja Trying To Impress Chicks In Melkote Manja
Source: Youtube/Giphy

3. Your moneylenders always have EYES ON YOU!

Rangayana Raghu As Melkote Linga
Source: Youtube/Giphy

4. Did you know that only the right documents aren’t enough to apply for a loan?

Bank Janardhan As Bank Manager In Melkote Manja
Source: Youtube/Giphy

5. Your face when the moneylender sees through your lies!

Melkote Linga Corners His Nemesis Melkote Manja
Source: Youtube/Giphy

Despite the seriousness that the character Bhairava brings out in the film, Jaggesh’s humour overpowers all other emotions. Since we know that comedy is his forte, you should expect nothing less than a laughter riot while watching Melkote Manja.

On asking about his motive for making such a film, after starring in what can be called its prequels; Eddelu Manjunatha and Manjunatha Ba Llb, Jaggesh told a leading daily, ” Yes, the movie has taken shape well. The movie is about the hide-and-seek between a person who gives loans and one who takes it. My main intention from my very first movie is to entertain audiences through laughter. I am glad that people are confident that when they watch my movies, they will laugh and relax for two hours“. 

Which scene was your favourite in the movie? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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