5 Romantic Moments That Prove Aunn And Zara Are Made For Each Other

Watch Zindagi show, Aunn Zara, on ZEE5 this #SummerOfEmotions. A one-of-a-kind love story, that starts with a rebel, and ends with liberation.


August 9, 2020


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ZEE5 brings to you Zindagi shows that you can watch from the comfort of your home and can experience #ZindagiDobara. Ranging across the genres of romance, slice-of-life, coming-of-age, revenge, romance, and family drama. Aunn Zara is one such show, based on Faiza Iftikhar’s novel, Hisar e Mohabbat. Directed by Haissem Hussain, the story revolves around two privileged and only children of their respective families, who are desperately trying to flee their authoritative surroundings. The two meet, end up tying the knot with each other and then go through all the stupid errors of relationships before they find the reasons for their problems.

You can watch the trailer of Aunn Zara here:

1. When Zara tried to impress the family.

A still of Aunn Zara
A still of Aunn Zara (Source: Online Portal)

Zara goes to Aunn’s family and impresses everyone. Everyone is impressed to see the dedicated and caring side of her personality. She does that to win the attention of Aunn’s family, but she ends up catching Aunn’s attention the most!

2. When Zara covers up for Aunn

A still of Aunn Zara (Source: Online Portal)

In one episode, Aunn and Zara meet with an accident, and Zara gets injured. She lies to Jamshed that she was driving the car, and takes the whole blame on herself. Aunn later apologizes to her, and the audience gets to see some romantic sparks between the two.

3. When Aunn’s love for Zara takes a turn

A still of Aunn Zara (Source: Online Portal)

After a major conflict in the family, dadi and Husna ask Zara to apologize to Nighat and dad. In order to protect Zara, Aunn tries and creates a difference between his family and Zara, which upsets Husna but draws Aunn and Zara closer.

4. When Aunn tries to quit smoking for Zara

A still of Aunn Zara (Source: Online Portal)

 Zara is very upset to learn about Aunn’s smoking habits and she decides to not talk to him. He apologizes to her and also promises to quit smoking.

5. When Aunn decides to move out

A still of Aunn Zara (Source: Online Portal)

Even though the entire family blames Zara for Aunn’s decision to move out, it is actually Aunn who wants to move out, and create a better and more liberated life with Zara. 

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