5 Relationship Tips You Can Take From Ninne Pelladatha’s Mrudula And Madhu

Sneha Bale

November 7, 2019


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1. Friends before everything else

In the Telugu serial Ninne Pelladatha , the young couple, Mrudula and Madhu (played by Bhoomi Shetty and Prathap Singh Shah), love each other and secretly get married. As expected, their families and relatives refuse to accept the marriage. And instead of finding ways to accept them, people close to them actually look for ways to separate them.

Madhu and Mrudula have known each other for long before they decided to tie the knot. They were friends before marriage and they continue to be best friends first.

2. Being equal partners

Madhu is a singer and Mrudula is a happy housewife. But they help each other when needed. In fact, Mrudula helps Madhu complete his songs and Madhu helps Mrudula in her chores. They also respect each other and their choices. The couple discusses their problems, inhibitions and other important things before taking a final decision on anything.

3. Standing by each other

Since Mrudula does not hail from a wealthy background like Madhu or his mardal Mansi, who was going to marry him, she is looked down upon. Mansi and Sarayu, Madhu’s cousin, are constantly on the lookout to bring Mrudula down. But Madhu always stands by his wife and supports her.

4. Keeping the inner child alive

Situations can get intense from time to time. But it is important to keep the child in you alive to lighten up the environment and live a happier life. In Madhu and Mrudula’s relationship, while Mrudula is the mature one, Madhu balances it with his lighthearted and simplistic approach to situations.

5. Making up is good

With so many people wishing the worse for Madhu and Mrudula, sometimes it so happens that in the heat of the moment they say and do things to hurt each other. But each time, they also find ways to apologise and reconcile.

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